southwest nebraska + high plains disease

On the third, we thought we were finished in Tribune but after rain appeared in the forecast, Stan decided to have us cut an additional four 80s. Altogether, we cut around 450 for Stan so Tribune turned out to comparable acres of a “normal” year. The guys finished cutting on the fourth, cleaned the machines, and loaded them up for the next day’s drive.

The heat wore Blake out so Leigh and I took the kids up to the football field to watch the community fireworks show. We stay on Central time but since Tribune is in Mountain, so it was later than desired. However, the kids had fun. We got back to the campers and listened to the party continue well after midnight.

The guys made it to Chappell without any issues and were back at a decent time. We settled up with Stan the morning of the sixth and then took off for Chappell. After setting up, Blake went to unload equipment and after unsuccessfully attempting to get the kids to nap, I just took them to run wild at the park. No one was getting away with a early evening nap. They ran around for about an hour and a half, then the whole shenanigans of bedtime. I think we found a new favorite family show – BBC America has a few Planet Earth shows and it’s good.

I talked with Sarah, my sister, on Saturday morning. After hanging up, she called back to ask if she could take the girls to Denver. Sayonara! I knew the girls would have a blast and so after taking out lunch and packing for their adventure, we headed off to just past Sterling where we did our swap. Cal told me “bye, mama!” and was quite disappointed when I made him come back with me. Maybe next year buddy!

The girls lived their best life, going to the pool five times and eating shakes before bed every night. Because of this, they convinced Sarah to let them extend their stay by an additional night so I got them back Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, the little guy was missing his sisters and the other guys cut away on what was ready. Chappell got ample moisture this year but High Plains disease / virus has devastated so many fields. Last year, mosaic, this year High Plains. There is a variety that is resistant and that’s 60 bushel wheat. Last night, I asked Blake what it was making and it was 14.

We are down to our last 200 acres here in Chappell and then the short move to Chadron. Once we get moved up there, we have about 500-600 west of town and then 700 or so east of town. Hopefully we can buzz it off quickly and start the trek to Circle. We are getting in and out of here in record time which is good because we need to be starting that trip up to Montana.

Once we get to Chadron, I’ll do a cupboard restock and get the kids to the park and maybe the pool. The summer is moving quickly and the kids and I only have five weeks left before we head back for school. Hard to believe on many levels. Hope everyone is having a good week.


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