the madness continues

Since I just shared a longer post yesterday explaining what has been happening around here, this one is going to be short & sweet. Last night, the guys cut pretty late and had an amazing cutting day at over 700 acres (I think Blake told me 710?) and only had two 80s left for Chappell. We have never ever cut Chappell this fast. Granted, we have around 1200-1300 acres here total this year but still! We had 0% chance of rain for last night when I checked yesterday evening but it definitely rained in town and on the field. They went and checked out the remaining fields after lunch and though the wheat would have dried down, it was just too muddy. 

Once they were back in town, Bruce popped over to say they would watch the kids while Blake and I went and picked up parts. Date night! Jokes but still nice to have a little break from them after the past couple weeks. We got ready and when we were dropping Cal off over there, Bruce said he had gotten a text from our main guy in Montana that the peas and lentils won’t be great but they’ll still need to be cut and they’ll be ready in a couple days. 

So basically here is the plan. Tomorrow morning, Lloyd is making the 500 mile trek to Brockway and dropping off a grain trailer. He will start heading back but obviously won’t be able to make it too far. The rest of the guys will finish the 160 acres and load the equipment. Blake made most of the maps already for settling up so he’ll just have to make a couple maps tomorrow evening. We’ll settle up Monday morning and head to Chadron. (I am not sure if they will send up some grain trailers to Chadron tomorrow or if they’ll have to head back down on Monday but there will definitely be some equipment shuffling going on.)

Come Tuesday, Blake will be hauling the combine, I’ll take my vehicle and fuel trailer, and one truck driver will come with our camper. So two guys, three kids, and me and that’s it. I’m not sure who is coming up there but they will stay at a friend’s house for those few days. Once the 500 acres of peas are cut, Blake and the other guy will head back to Chadron to help move everyone else up to Montana and we’ll cut lentils, chick peas, and God willing, some spring wheat. 

Provided no travel issues, we should be in the field on Wednesday, JULY 12. This is so early and crazy and despite the impending travel exhaustion from pushing through Nebraska is one week, I’m so relieved we have a reason to go up there. 

My mom and I were trying to figure out a time for the girls to go stay with her and my dad for a week and had been planning on them going after next weekend. Once the stay was over, I’d meet her in Bismarck again or something. Well, with this change of plan, I am not sure we are going to be able to work it out. Driving from Circle to Bismarck and back to Circle (7-8 hours of actual driving round trip) once is fine but twice is a little much, especially if we should be finished up much earlier than normal anyway. Blake and I were talking and assume we will be home mid-August. Once we are home, they might have to go stay with papa and nene for a few days while I unload my camper, then take a real shower, and enjoy a large glass of wine in pure silence. Haha. 

So, that’s the new plan. Twelve hours ago, we were talking about getting done here, moved up to Chadron Monday, resting Tuesday, and start cutting Wednesday. We all are so grateful for the change of plans if it involves cutting a crop in Montana. Now, time for bed!


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  1. Life comes at you fast!

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