and the split begins

It has been a crazy few days here in southwest Kansas. I went back to see I just posted Saturday but it feels like a week or two of stuff has happened since then. 

Saturday. They were able to cut a field south of town, moved to the next, it started off dry but as they got into it, it was wet. They decided to head north of town and try going on that. The farmer whom they were cutting on, sprayed for rust so the earliest they could cut it was Saturday. They got up there are it was 11%, averaging above 60, and one load had a test weight of 65. They were able to get a decent day in after all, cutting close to 500 acres that day. 

Sunday, they were still on the same customer. He had two back to back three quarter fields so 480 acres a piece, 960 total. It’s such a time saver to be so close. They got rained out Sunday afternoon around 4:00. 

Then Monday, I spent more time than I care to share making homemade enchiladas. I start these projects and then remember I’m in a camper and it’s just not a good decision. However, they did turn out pretty well so that makes it almost worth it. Two guys took one of the grain carts to Tribune so I made too many and have an extra pan that was tonight’s supper, so that might actually make it worth it. We also had visitors Monday. Three men from NDR, Norddeutcher Fundrunk aka Northern German Broadcasting, are here to make a documentary on custom harvesting. When we asked them how they chose this to film, they said there is nothing like it in Germany.

Monday afternoon, the guys headed out and were able to cut. They finished up that farmer and as they were moving to the next one, it started pouring out of nowhere. This weather is no joke, especially this year. I had seen that Scott City was potentially going to get hit, went and checked it out, we were clear, and not long after that, I thought I had heard thunder. I summoned Leigh to help me get my awning in before the wind came up. So not to be overly dramatic, but you just need to be aware. Luckily, I married my very own wannabe weather man so he usually keeps me pretty up to date. However, the storm even surprised him.

Tuesday morning, Blake and Bruce had the old should we stay or should we go now discussion, where they go through no less than 10 scenarios of our different options. I told Blake I was going to shower and he said to pack after that. I got out of the shower and he said we weren’t leaving until Wednesday, going to just get a bunch cut north of town so it would be easier for Bruce and Leigh to finish up. 

The film crew (a videographer, a sound guy, and then the host/narrator?) showed up at 11, I got my film debut at 11:25, loading the car with food and kids. The film crew were happy to hear we make it a real family affair every meal – the kids, the grandma, the mom, the whole crew. They filmed me driving down the gravel road, and then us getting the food ready, and trying to get all the kids to eat. And then they put Leigh on the spot and asked her, “How is it working so close with your daughter-in-law.” We all got a good laugh. Hi, I’m right here! Ha. They asked a few questions and then miked up Bruce and they rode with him for a while. The field they tried after lunch had some mosaic in it so couldn’t be cut. And then the next ones got dumped on during the storm the night before so the moisture was 19%. 

So back to the drawing board. It’s about 40 miles south to where the fields south of town are form the north of town fields. So instead of going all the way down there, Blake’s and Peter’s combines got loaded for Tribune, Bruce headed south, and the machinery shuffle began. I got my camper prepped and then we waiting for the go ahead. We took off around 5:30 pm and got set up in Tribune at 7:30 pm. It’s only about 70 miles. While setting up, it was discovered that there wasn’t enough sewer hose for the guys camper packed so our camper has a small holding tank that we used until this morning, when I headed back to Manter with the kids to pick it up. Bruce and Leigh had an extra new one so they sent that with me so I didn’t have to put a used one in the back of my vehicle. When we made it back to Tribune, I did what I said I would never do – I hooked up the sewer. Perks of the job, guys! Actually, it is about the simplest system possible but you can’t do too much or next thing I know Blake will want me setting up the whole camper and NOT HAPPENING. There are some women who do that and I mean, way to go but I don’t feel the need to do impressive things. 

So anyway, after the campers were set yesterday, Blake and company headed out to unload the combines. And then, it rained last night. No joke, unfortunately. And Bruce had a big cutting day down south. So we probably should have stayed down there, loaded this morning, and just headed up then. But you don’t know and that’s a very frustrating thing about harvesting. 

On the home front, while the guys were setting up, I asked Addie if she wanted me to tell her a secret. She pounced on that opportunity.
Me (whisper): you’re a very good girl and I love you very much. 

Addie: hehe, thank you.

Me: want to tell me one?

Addie (whisper): you’re the best mommy I’ve ever had.

Me: oh Addie, that’s so nice. Thank you.

Addie (so loud): I’m just joking!

And then after bath, my very good girl whom I love very much, decided to throw our DISH remote in the bath water. Why though? It spent the day in rice and it’s not working 100% but you can do some functions on it so we’ll see how it runs in a couple days. 50/50 I’ll be ordering a replacement. 

Cal is the tannest, most blonde, smiley guy you’ve ever met. He has gotten really into getting the volume on the tv turnt up, trying to reach for things on the counter with some success, wrestling Addie, and has said his first word consistently. Mama? Dada? No, it’s ADDIE. Plain as day. And when it happened a few times, I almost started crying because this past year with the two of them so close has had its share of challenges but oh my gosh, they love each other so much. And they love Briar too but she’s just growing up and isn’t into the rough housing and screaming games they play (thank goodness). But I feel like I’m the luckiest mom out there. I know, all moms are supposed to say that but that’s how I feel. 

Briar is hilarious. If the girl is well rested, there aren’t many people I’d rather hang out with. She doesn’t forget a thing though and as soon as she heard we were going to Tribune, she asked if we could go to her favorite pool. Of course, I was planning it but she never forgets anything that has happened the past two plus years. And I’m over here like did I shower yesterday? Hmmm. So, Wednesdays and Sundays, they have night swim which is my favorite because it’s not so hot for the kiddos and I don’t have to be smchasing them with sunscreen the whole time. The girls started talking to another girl and they played so hard. And Bri was laughing so hard and she does so well with hanging out with her brother and sister but it’s also really fun to see her interact with kids closer to her age too. We were leaving, and she was like, “Oh mom, that was just the best time ever.” I’m so glad we went even though it was a wild day. 

Hope you have a great rest of your week. I’m hoping to be able to keep up with this even while we are split up. Be in touch!


2 responses to “and the split begins

  1. Judy krumbach

    Oh can’t believe how Cal has changed,filling out to be a big boy already,so fun to see those cuties, miss them but glad they are doing well and having fun. Very interesting to have film crew there will be fun to see the video! Hope you have good cutting!

    • Wait until you see him… He is a CHARACTER. And a bit of a pain! He gets into things that the girls have noticed in all their time in the camper. I asked how long their documentary will be – 45 minute video. Will be interesting!

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