in the wait

A few days ago, I had started a post about how hard it is to sit here and wait. We have been in Manter for over a week, finally started cutting Thursday after lunch, and then got rained out at supper time. And as expected, our farmer in Tribune gave us the head’s up yesterday that we are about a week off from harvesting up there. And we’ve been sitting and I think it’s hard but then earlier this week, that perspective had some shifting due to different areas in Southwest Kansas getting anywhere from golfball to softball sized hail. How disappointing to have it survive the conditions this long to see it pummeled a week before it is ready. And then the harvesting crews, who already are short on acres, are enduring the loss of yet another job. Now that is stressful.

The other thing that stinks for the Kansas harvest is the mosaic virus. The short story: the virus lives in volunteer wheat and if you don’t keep your crops clean, it spreads and can destroy your crop and your neighbors. In these tough farming years, it may seem appealing to try to save on not spraying but then this happens. It’s tough.

So even though we aren’t getting much done in Kansas yet, at least we have acres to cut here and somehow, it always gets done. We have been in this situation before and we will be in it again and there is just not one thing you can do about it. Leigh and I are preparing ourselves for splitting up which means we each get to do double the cooking, double the fun of what we typically do. I also lose a spot for the kids to go to be entertained while I’m getting things done and she misses having anyone around all day, which can make for some really long days. My really long and quiet days were already five years ago when I was pregnant with Briar and we were split up most of that summer too.

So, we have a few fields done south of Manter. And since the storm came in Thursday night, we have had a weather cool down. It was a cool 75 yesterday and will be low 80s today. They tried the fields way out west by the Colorado border yesterday afternoon and it only dried down to 13.8 yesterday and they needed 13.5. Blake isn’t sure what they will do now, sit and wait it out to dry and get that far stuff taken care of or move two combines north of town in attempt to get started on that. They are headed out this morning to try to decide.

Blake and Bruce and the guys did get one big job done while we have been here and that is, put a third axle on the new combine trailer. They purchased a combine trailer in May so each combine has a trailer now, which is nice for moving. They can take all the oversized loads together and there isn’t having to worry about the logistics of returning this trailer so we can move that combine if we get split up. Once they got it though, the weight was just a lot. You can purchase heavy weight permits but this will just be better to have it taken care of. They picked up the part from Ness City and used one of our farmer’s machinery shed to put it on. They had it mostly done in a day, with a few loose ends to finish the next day.

So now for the topic you’ve all been waiting for: the kids. (Kidding.) Since it was cooler yesterday, Briar put on her favorite pants and I instantly noticed that they now appear to be an inch shorter than they once were. I’m not sure how I shrunk the pants since I haven’t washed them this summer. Bad mom joke. But seriously, she has been so tired and so wore out despite typically taking naps. We’ve been battling more than I prefer when I know she is just so stinking tired but won’t just give up and SLEEP. Then she wakes up, and she couldn’t be much sweeter until the tiredness sets in and the cycle repeats itself. Being four and growing is tough. She is super into Ninja Warrior and really likes to get her practice in on the monkey bars or in obstacles she and Addie create in the campers or outside on the chairs. Briar has also been into the hot lava game lately and gets mad when I don’t participate, turns out a full sized adult jumping around a camper isn something I’m into. She also runs off with Blake or the guys when she gets a chance and makes her way to the neighbor lady’s (Grandma’s) multiple times a day. She also enjoys talking on the truck CB and annoying every other trucker in Southwest Kansas any chance she gets. She’s been so on the go with everyone else I don’t have many pictures of her this past week. I need to grab some that Leigh has of her working with Blake. 

Adeline is Adeline. Super bubbly, pretty bossy, and livin’ la vida emotional. She is still into rhyming at all times and Mom Tom is frequently used. And she calls a lot of people Bob despite knowing their names. I don’t get where it comes from but she is highly amused. “Good morning, Bob.” *giggle* “What are you doing, Bob?” *giggle* She has been into dresses a lot lately so she does actually have more clothes than just that yellow dress, ha. Addie likes to clean and help with dishes and play with/torture her brother.

Cal is doing great. He likes to escape from his mom and has pure joy as he’s running away from me as fast as he can. I can’t believe how much he has changed since his tubes in a fast 4.5 months…

He is just a happy guy now and though he isn’t the biggest kid around, he is pretty darn tough. The other day he fell off the top step into Leigh’s camper and after he landed, he made a confused face and got up and kept moving. He also handles his sisters’ attacks fairly well and is starting to fight back a little more. He is really into trucks, machinery, and driving.

So that’s all I have, hopefully I’ll have some information on cutting VERY SOON. Have a great weekend and be in touch!


2 responses to “in the wait

  1. I really enjoy your posts and love the pics!! Hope things start rocking and rolling for the guys!!
    Love you all❤️❤️

  2. Just looking at this today,I have to get with the program sooner, enjoyed the blog and Oh my gosh the pictures so darn cute! Hope you can keep on cutting. Stay safe! Love you !

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