we made it to manter 

As expected, they were able to finish Sentinel easily Monday evening. They called around 5:30 saying they were heading in for an early night. After supper, I have the Blake and Cal a quick hair trim. Cal has fuzzy hair just like Addie and it gets pretty fluffy fast. We watched the game and even though the girls had a nap that was nearly four hours long, they went to bed fairly well. They were just overly exhausted and needed to catch up. The attitudes improved immensely after that catch up nap but it’s looking like they could use another long one.

The attitudes may have been better but he’s is still 100% efficient at making a mess.

Bri wanted to help clean the grapes earlier this week. She did a great job but is starting to look TOO BIG. 

The guys have to blow off equipment once we complete each stop so Tuesday was the day for that job. Blake and Bruce each got a new air compressor this spring to help make the job go faster. All three combines and the tractor and grain cart were done in an hour and a half. Lloyd said it is the best thing that happened to him on harvest. Lloyd has been coming along on harvest for as long as I have so air compressor + futon = all the harvest dreams coming true.

They were done loading when they came in for lunch at noon. After lunch, they headed out again to take care of some truck things and Leigh, the kids, and I headed up to The Pour House, Sentinel’s new coffee shop. When I say new, I mean, within the week new. Leigh, who has a coffee shop at home, helped the owner out with some things. Besides coffee, she also has some ice cream for the kids. However, I’m sure Addie would pick a latte over a scoop any day. She is such a coffee crazy. I’ll catch her sneaking drinks of my black coffee and will throw complete meltdowns if I take it away from her. “But mama, it’s so good! I love it!” Whenever I grind coffee beans for the next morning’s coffee, she needs a smell and let’s me know how “delicious” it smells. Just in case there is any truth to “coffee stunts your growth,” we are going to limit it as that little shorty can use any height she can get. And mostly, I don’t need a jacked up two year old.

Cal was not deprived of a treat but I don’t trust the guy, especially on that cute antique couch!

With his head turned, you can see just how light his hair is getting and how tan he already is. He gets both from his mama. 

When we got home, I asked Ads if she loved coffee. She came and grabbed my empty cup to make sure she wasn’t missing out on some hazelnut latte. It was empty and she was disappointed. 

Cuddling with Big Sis with a treat in hand. 

Cal wanted some bro time and this pretty much sums up camper life. Blake is eating Oreos on the floor with Cal while Addie naps inches away.

Wednesday morning, the guys took off hauling the first load to Manter, KS. They got going around 6:30 and were able to make good time without any issues. Leigh and the kids and I (crew #2?) headed to do errands in Elk City. We didn’t have that many stops but my gosh, errands are such a time suck. When we got back to town, we ran around and paid bills. Leigh was able to see a friend and then we headed out to Britt’s house so the kids could play. The kids always get pretty excited to be in a real house with room to wiggle – and scream and shout.

Thursday was a pretty lazy day. It has been wicked hot in Oklahoma with heavy humidity and it has just felt heavy by 8:00 am. We did get a family nap taken and the camper fairly ready to take off Friday morning. We had plans to head out to Ryan’s house (a friend of Blake’s for pushing 30 years) but according to Briar, “We were supposed to go play at Ryan’s but his child got a pink eye and so we couldn’t go see them. Maybe next year. Shoot.”

With the lack of energy burned yesterday, the kids had a hard time going to bed. We got them tucked in around 9 pm and Blake headed off to bed while I showered, I was greeted about two minutes in with Addie wanting to be rocked. I told them to give me some space, be quiet, and I’d see them in a few minutes. When I came into the living room, Briar was rocking Addie and told me, “I kept our bedroom door cracked so if Cal started crying, I’d be able to take care of him for you.” Though I’m unsure on the level of care she would have provided, I can’t believe what a big girl she is turning into. And what a good girl she is! As long as she is well rested, that is.

Today came early with getting the kids up shortly after six to get moving before it was so dang hot. We had to stop and say bye to Bill Bill, as the kids call him, at the elevator. Once on the road, we facetimed my family. Both of the girls had glasses on, they called Briar “Hollywood” and she agreed but when they called Addie “Hollywood”, she said, “No, I’m her sister.”

Briar was pretty excited to see a gray combine on the drive…
Briar: Mom! I was a gray combine!
Me: Oh that is a Gleaner.
Briar: A wiener?
Me: No, a GLEANER.

The trip went well and we made it to Manter around 2 pm. When we pulled in, it was a cool 98 degrees but we need the heat to ripen the wheat, especially since it is a ways off. Blake and Bruce went to check the crop when we got all set up so I’ll be interested what they’ll say. Though we have some sitting ahead, the guys might be doing some work to a trailer, I have to get caught up on paperwork, and Blake needs to get fuel reports done as much as possible (they are quarterly and are due early July, which is a difficult time to get them).

We have a tradition of when we come to Manter, we eat at the Mexican place in Johnson the night we get there and are going to keep it going for another year. So I’m off to get ready and maybe organize my camper a bit more. Maybe. I hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to hearing from you!


3 responses to “we made it to manter 

  1. I thought of you a lot this weekend Darcie. We went camping to Lake Thompson. I had 2 grown children and a husband and our camper was a disaster! I can’t imagine trying to keep it organized with 3 little kids! Don’t know how you keep your sanity!! I enjoy keeping track of your harvesting journey!

    • That sounds like fun, Donna! Hope you enjoyed it. Who said I’m keeping my sanity?! Ha. I pick up multiple times a day because if not, it’s just too much, which is hard to do when you’re trying to enjoy the weekend!

  2. Enjoyed the pictures and your blog,fun hearing your daily activities,such sweeties they are, and growing so fast, stay safe and good harvesting at Manter!

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