wrapping up sentinel

Oh, children. You’re great but lately you’ve been getting into everything and I’m going a bit crazy. Camper life with these three has been a little intense the past few days. It’s been hot and windy so with limited energy expended outside, they want to get into it allllllll, especially the little guy. Add that in with a large dose of whining and I’m like, “how many more weeks of this?” I’m sure we will hit our groove at some point but right now, it has been trying. I currently have three kids sleeping AT THE SAME TIME though so onward and upward!

Since they got going Saturday afternoon, they’ve been cutting away pretty well. We had some glitches with the combines when we first started here but I haven’t heard much since. No news is typically good news so we are going to go with that until someone (ahem, Blake) informs me otherwise. When they were having trouble with them right away, you start wondering if we should have just traded the combines off instead of run them another year. It’s always a gamble in terms of cost, time, efficiency, etc. so hopefully the right decision was made. This is the third year running these machines. 

They will easily finish cutting here in Sentinel today and were able to talk to our farmers in Manter yesterday. The guy south of town said 10-14 days and the guy north of town said June 25th at the earliest. 

The forecast looks hot but typical so if they say 10-14 days, it’s probably going to be that long. Though it would be nice to not have such a long break, we are also very thankful there is a crop to cut. They had that unseasonable blizzard the end of April and they weren’t sure if it would be able to bounce back. The wheat had multiple inches of snow plus high winds so they’ll be cutting it right on the ground but cutting it nonetheless. 

Looking ahead, it sounds like we should have most of our acres in a Tribune. One field may have gotten diseased and he wasn’t sure what insurance would have us do there. I haven’t heard anything on western Nebraska but Montana is super dry. Blake talked to someone up there who told him that if it hangs on, the winter wheat could be three weeks ahead. That puts it at the second week of July. Sooo, June 21st to July 10ish, we would have to get South of Manter, North of Manter, Tribune, Chappell, and Chadron done, and moved to Circle, MT. Of course, that’s looking too far ahead because who knows what could happen between now and then but it just seems like the past few years have been similar on multiple places ripening atypically. We just try to get this place or that place done and hustle to the next. We are so fortunate that we have the capabilities to split up when we have to. It may not be as efficient to do so but not many crews have that option. 

The littlest trainee was taking it all in!
The kids had fun at the park in Cordell. Briar was doing monkey bars, like HOW ARE YOU THIS BIG ALREADY?!

Cute, cute, and cute. 
Of course, if we get split up, it makes for some wild days around here. And again, I know we are fortunate to have two wives along to help do the cooking and other errands normally. And, I’ve gotten way more brave (stupid?) on things I’m willing to do with the kids on my own. We made it through mass by ourselves yesterday, so the four of us can basically accomplish anything. Ha. But then last night at supper, the kids were playing in Lloyd’s truck and I got to thinking that I would really like a manny for 2018. You know, a male nanny. 

Lloyd has already secured his employment with us as a super trucker so he’s not available. But I need a male nanny so he could bunk with the hired men (I can’t handle another human in my camper) and on rain days, he could hang out with the guys. Dreaming big!

Then after supper last night, we stopped to share some dessert with Bill and the other workers at the elevator. The girls had so much fun and got to test some wheat while we were there. I know about test weight and dock and whatnot but I wasn’t sure how they did it so it was interesting to watch. 

It was good we stopped because every time we have driven by the elevator the past few days, Addie says, “Let’s stop and see my Bill Bill.” I used to HATE going to the elevator with my dad so it’s fun to see my girls have a completely different reaction. 

I am not kidding when I say this futon is by far the best camper purchase of my harvesting career. It has been a life saver, at least a nap and bedtime saver. Cal sleeps so hard when he goes out but man that guy puts up a fierce fight. I have tried rocking him but he starts pinching my neck and thinking it is the funniest thing ever and I have a different reaction. 

So that’s where we are at right now. I am not sure on the plans for the rest of the week but one stop down, five to go! Have a great week and be in touch!


3 responses to “wrapping up sentinel

  1. You are super woman Darc!!! Love the pics of those adorable babes!!!!

  2. Fun to see the girls in the elevator learning about testing the wheat!! A teachable moment for sure and I bet Bill was happy to get a treat too:)
    The futon is the ticket!!
    Give the kids a kiss and hug from me and papa!😘😘😘
    We MIISS you!!

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