sunday rain day

As I mentioned yesterday, we had a rain day. The kids, Blake, and I went to mass at Cordell in the morning. It’s a little parish but it’s funny how many people we recognize there year after year – and how many of them also recognize us. We always seem to hit up Pentecost Sunday and they have some form of red treat to pass out after mass. This year, it was cupcakes with frosting and strawberries. The kids were pretty happy walking back to our vehicle with a treat in hand.

We thought maybe the guys would go try it after lunch but instead, we got hit with another rain so everything was too wet. Briar insisted they needed to check the fields so Blake took her and Cal. If I am being honest, they mostly went because Cal cannot stay awake in the car and he really needed another nap.

Blake got back and Bruce stopped over to see if we wanted to take the guys out to Blair to eat. The whole crew headed down there to have supper and to get a break from being in the campers. There was a little area outside the restaurant that the kids were played in after we ate.The cheesiest cheeser we’ve got. These two are turning into pretty good buds. We finally were able to bother Bri to join the others but Cal was over it by that point. 

After supper, Blake, the kids, and I checked out Quartz Mountain State Park and Lake Altus on the way home. You can see the “mountains” from some of the fields we cut but I had never been down this far south before. Briar thought we should probably go back “tomorrow.”

The girls were a couple noise makers on the way home and so we decided to play the “who can be the quietest game.” Briar is finally getting the point of the game but Adeline just talks, mostly about nothing – or more rhyming. Overall, it significantly quieted the car. We have great travelers but it still gets wild in there.

When we made it back to Sentinel, we could tell it had rained while we were gone. Once we got everything in, I decided to go for a quick run. I was gone for about 15 minutes and was headed back toward the camper when it started sprinkling. Then it started coming down a little more and I decided I should probably run back, and then it started coming pouring. I was pretty soaked when I walked in and Addie who was waiting at the door to greet me asked, “mama, are you all wet?” Just a little bit.

So now with all the different showers, I am not sure what the plan this morning is going to be. Hopefully, something was missed and we can get cutting. I like a rain day here and there but after three, I start to get stir crazy and so does everyone else! Hope you have a great Monday!


4 responses to “sunday rain day

  1. I ❤️❤️ your posts but makes me miss all of you even more! Tell Blake if the harvesting thing gets old he might want to take up photography. He does a good job! 😊😊

  2. Thanks for the update. I really enjoy reading your post & seeing the pictures of kids, you & Blake. 🙂

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