days of thunder

Rain days. Ain’t nobody got time for that. And yet, lately the rain days keep on coming. After our arrival (June 19) and three good cutting days, we started getting rain last Wesnesday night. They got going around 4 pm Thursday, no cutting Friday, a few hours of cutting Saturday, no cutting Sunday, a late start Monday, started shortly after lunch on Tuesday, and no cutting Wednesday. This. Is. Ridiculous. At least ridiculous for this stop, it would be par for the course if we were currently in Chappell, Nebraska.  

And it rained again here last night. Another half inch north of town and a sprinkle south of town. You guys, I think it has rained here more since we’ve arrived than it did in a full 365 days in recent years. This is not an exaggeration. 

We also got stuck down in Oklahoma with rain as well, and could have been cutting three days sooner here than when we got started. Tribune, our next stop, has been getting rain as well but is probably about ready to cut. Chappell is also turning. Then we sneak in Chadron before our long stop in Circle, where winter wheat is projecting to be ready early. By no means do I have much – or any – to do with the logistics of cutting. I’m here for the other stuff but in my short tenure of coming, I know we have a lot of stops to go through and acres to cut with time not being in abundance.

I’m having flashbacks of 2012, my first summer along. Blake and I left Manter early and went to Tribune, Bruce and Leigh skipped Tribune, went to Chappell, we skipped Chappell and went to Chadron. Bruce and Leigh helped us finish Chadron and we all headed to Montana together. Once there, we were split up north and south of town most of the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar scenario plays out again in the weeks ahead. 

I’ve mentioned before that I like to prepare for less than ideal situations. If I do this, I can have a better attitude about it and it just goes better. And the thought of being split up doesn’t completely freak me out while it had at the beginning of harvest. 

Basically, I’m killing it with these kids. Okay, fine, my kids are killing it on their own. I don’t mean to mom brag but they are doing really well and dare I say, my harvest is actually easier than it was last summer. The whole we are having another baby at a really challenging time of year for us made us prioritize getting the girls in a good bedtime routine and it’s paying off in dividends. And then Cal and his sleeping consistently 8-9 hours through the night and being the most content baby I have ever been around is definitely helping. If the scenario plays out that we do have to be split up, the girls wouldn’t love it as they enjoy sneaking over to the neighbors’ house throughout the day but we would survive so that’s reassuring. 

So here we are, Thursday morning. The two combines north of town are heading south because it’s more likely to cut south of town and we need to do whatever we can. There is a chance for rain this evening, in the night tonight, and Saturday as well. On the positive, there are chances in Tribune and Chappell to hold off ripening too much up there so just hoping to wrap up Manter soon and head on up north. Well it’s almost 9:30 here, so it’s time to start lunch. Hope everyone has a good day and a great Fourth of July weekend! 


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