a slow start

Some years, we have gotten here and we hit the ground running. It is all hurry, hurry, hurry. This year has not been one of those years. It seems strange we have been here for a full week already, considering the little we have gotten cut. 

As I said, we got into town Sunday evening. Monday was mom’s fun day – at least what I consider fun at this point. I slept in, plus took a nap. I don’t know what has happened to me since we arrived but I feel like I hit a wall and just keep hitting it. Out of necessity, I hope I snap out of it soon. Yikes. 

Tuesday, they were able to get in some cutting. I think they got about 140 acres buzzed off that evening. The field averaged just over 50. Then the rain came. After a wet Wednesday, Blake was able to come to Oklahoma City with the kids and me to pick up my sister from the airport. Sarah has been coming to Sentinel the past few years to see us, and by us, I really mean the kids. 

After picking her up, we also went to the zoo. The OKC zoo is kind of our harvest jam. We have gone the past couple years, ever since Bri has been old enough to enjoy it. (Blake & I are always surprised at the number of adults at the zoo sans children. To each their own though!) Briar has a good memory as is and if you let her see a picture of it, she’ll never forget. At the OKC Zoo, they have giraffe feedings. She’s fed Ellie the past two years and regularly will talk about Ellie when she sees giraffes at the Sioux Falls Zoo or pictures of giraffes. So, obviously she was excited to see her favorite giraffe. We walk into the zoo and saw the sign: no giraffe feeding today. Luckily, it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as we thought it might be. Plus, we got to watch Bri pick up leaves and then yell at the giraffes to come see her. “Come here, I got you food!” It didn’t work, needless to say. Thank goodness, the baby elephant who was a baby last summer still looks like a baby. Who knew?

Due to the rain again Thursday, there was still no cutting Friday. Blake and I had big dreams for OKC but we are still working on marrying our to do list with realistic expectations when three small kids are in tow. So, we needed to head to Elk City to pick up a few things. Auntie Sarah stayed with the kids so a nice, quick trip it was. 

Friday evening, we took the kids to the pool but with all the rain, it was pretty chilly. Briar wanted Blake and Sarah to go swim so she could sit on the steps to watch. Umm, no.

Saturday, the guys went out after lunch and cut a sample. It was 15-16% but was averaging above 60 bushels. They came in for a bit and then went back to try it again. Surprisingly, they were able to cut. I think we were about the only ones utilizing the elevator. 

The DEF sensor was acting up again last night and so the Pro Harvest guys were out to check on that this morning. All three combines were going to be cutting after lunch and I haven’t heard that they’ve had any more trouble. Briar got in a little riding with her daddy this afternoon and papa brought her back into town with a truckload. She wasn’t overly excited to see her mom picking her up. 

With having Sarah here and the slow start, the week hasn’t been too challenging. Looking ahead, it might get a little crazy with feedings, and snacking, and cooking, and dishes, and loading, and unloading, and nap time, and meal time, and bath time, and bed time, and hopefully for the girls, some play time as well. So, we asked Sarah if she wanted to spend the summer as our nanny. She hasn’t said much so I’m taking that as a no. 

Shoot. On the bright side, this guy really likes to sleep so here’s to hoping he keeps that, along with his mama, as his top interests for a while. Hope everyone has a great week!


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