harvest 2016

Whoa, it’s almost hard to grasp that we are on the road again. Harvest 2016 is here and plenty has changed in a year’s time. 

Here’s the biggest – and littlest – change, all in one. We now are a family of five! Callum showed up on April 27th, weighing in at 6 pound 12 ounces and 100% handsome. Biased mom, I may be but plenty of other people have confirmed this belief, like his biased grandparents and biased aunts. 

The backstory: we returned from harvest on a Thursday and that Sunday, still living in our camper as our house was not even close to being done, we found out we were going to be parents again. Easy Like Sunday Morning, it was not, mostly due to the presumption that late April/early May would be my due date and the whole custom harvesting thing made it not an ideal time to have a baby. Little did we know, it would be an easy pregnancy, easy delivery, easy recovery, and he would be an easy baby. Don’t get me wrong, things can still get a little crazy around here but it’s not nearly the dire situation I presumed it would be.

After an additional six weeks of camper life (not counting the extra weeks we were in it before we left on Harvest 2015 due to selling our old house), we made the move into our house the first weekend of October. Home sweet (forever!) home. We still have a lot to do – a yard, landscaping, finish the basement, and so on. I have reminded Blake that we have approximately 50 years to get it done, though we have our sights on starting a lot of it this upcoming fall. 

Last July, due to the crazy harvest, I decided we needed to go on vacation. So for the first time ever, we booked a trip six months in advance. Even though we found out shortly later that I was pregnant, we were still planning to go on the trip since we were going with friends, plus having been to the resort prior, we were comfortable with it even with me being pregnant. And then Zika was all over the news about ten days prior to departure. And then every single day more and more came out about it and by the weekend, we decided to cancel. Luckily, it was also the first time we ever got trip insurance so we aren’t really out anything. Instead of Cabo for a week, Blake and I buzzed down to Kansas City to celebrate my 30th birthday for a couple days. It was no endless Margarita fiesta, not that I would have been partaking in that, but it was still fun for a quick getaway.

With those bigger events plus the day to day of having two little kids, quite a few trips up to my parents, prenatal appointments, and general life busyness, it was a little surreal when the camper pulled into my driveway. As soon as the camper shows up, it seems like Harvest quickly approaches. I cleaned the camper well prior to Callum’s arrival but the packing party didn’t really begin until about a week before we left. Luckily, my mom was able to come stay for a couple days while I took what seemed to be half our house out to our summer home. Of course, I was still throwing in last minute things the morning of departure, hoping nothing too major got left behind. So far, so good.

A night or two before we left, Blake mentioned that it didn’t seem like we should be leaving already. And I couldn’t disagree. It was another fast year for us, with a prenancy, a move, house projects, growing girls, and a new baby. But besides being fast, it was also so good. A lot of times, I cannot believe this is my actual life. How am I living in a camper for three months with three kids three and under? I’m not really sure but overall, I am sure that I’m pretty lucky. 


One response to “harvest 2016

  1. Had to wipe the tears! You are lucky to have such a beautiful family but they are lucky to have a terrific mommy!! So proud of you!! God’s Bessings for a great harvest run for you and your customers! We love you!!!

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