bri chats

Bri makes us laugh on the daily. Here are some examples that I jotted down.

Briar: Help me mom.
Darcie: I can’t Addie isn’t feeling good.
B: Oh no, my baby sister sick?
D: Yep.
B: What happened? Dat’s so sad.
D: Well, she is getting teeth.
B: Teef? Again? Oh man, dat’s too bad.

Darcie: You’re pretty cute, you know that?
Briar: No, mommmmm, my Addie is tute.
D: You both can be cute. You’re my two cuties.
B: And you’re my tutie mom.

Sharing an order of fries between Leigh, Briar, and me.
Bri from the back seat, “Tids (kids), dat’s enough. Them my fries.”

While in the stroller, Bri had her “phone” sitting by her. She decides to get out, grabs her phone, and starts jogging. She starts talking into it, “Hey, yeah, we are running to the park! Yeah. Dunna be fun.”

While at said park and using said phone…”Otay, look at Briar. Tan you say cheese mom? Say cheese.” Making a snapping sound with her mouth and moving her fingers, “Adeline! Look at Briar!”

Moving a bug from the stroller, “Bye bug. Go find your mom. Your mom and dad. Take you to the doctor. Bye.”

I was kissing Adeline’s lovable cheeks and Bri was sitting with Blake.
Darcie: Do you like kissing on your dad’s cheeks?
Bri: Nope. His lips.

Bri likes to climb around my vehicle and it’s somewhat annoying. While trying to get her to climb back into the middle row and sit in her car seat, she was about to fall on Adeline.
Darcie: Do not fall on your baby sister.
Briar: It’s otay, mom.
D: No, it’s not. She is a baby.
B: Mom, she is drowing up. It’s otay.


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