and we are finished

Happy Father’s Day from the Krumbachs! We had a pretty great day and finished our jobs in Sentinel, Oklahoma. I’ve obviously been away again – it’s so hard to blog when we are just sitting here. Or rather, chasing after my kids but having no routine. When we finally do get going again, it seems like it takes me a few days to get back into the swing of things. Let’s rewind.

The weather predicted that we were going to get 3-5 inches of rain between Friday through Wedneaday (June 12-17). I’m not sure on the exact totals but in one night, we got four inches of rain in town, five south of town where we had just finished before the rains began, and only 1.5 inches where we still had wheat west of town.

With the rain, we were a camper of sloths and really relaxed those first couple days. With the crazy spring, two days of driving, and eight days of cutting, slothing was pretty nice – for a day. Friday night, Blake and I *attempted* to go see Jurassic World with Jake and Anna. Jake really wanted to see it, the neighbors (aka Bruce & Leigh) offered to take the girls, so we went. And they sold out. And so Mexican and Atwoods (the Runnings of Oklahoma) it was.

Saturday, slothing.

Sunday, we let Bri sleep in so went to mass in Clinton. Walking in, I couldn’t help but think of when she went up to the alter for the children’s offering, only to keep holding on to her five and snagging a ten. The whole church was laughing and my white face had turned a bright color of red but looking back, fun memory. The rest of the day, we didn’t do much either.

Three days of staring at each other is the limit in this camper. Monday, we decided to head to Oklahoma City with just Blake, the girls, and me. But, Sunday night / Monday morning is when that big rain had hit and they needed to move the trucks first so they didn’t get stuck. There went an hour. Then Bri decided she didn’t want to cooperate, there went more time. By the time we finally got going, we knew it was going to be a shorter trip but good to get out nonetheless.

We powered through the OKC zoo. Then hit up a couple quick stops for Blake and ended at the outlet mall for us to go in separately. The girls fell asleep post zoo and we didn’t feel like waking the sleeping dragons. IMG_1648 IMG_1665 IMG_1654 IMG_1661

Tuesday we went out to one of our customers to see their new home and have a little grill out. Wednesday, Blake and I and the girls went over to our other customer’s daughter’s for a visit.

Pool Day!

And Thursday, Blake, Bruce, and Leigh had to buzz to Elk City and that afternoon we were cutting. Cut all day Friday and Saturday. Bri also got some cutting in Saturday night. She wanted to stay out after supper and since it was within ten miles of town, I said I would just come and get her when she was ready. Around 930, Blake said they were about done so she would just come in with them. And after 11, she showed up. One do the combines had gotten stuck at the last minute and it took longer than they had anticipated. She was ready for bed when she got in.

IMG_1753 IMG_1757

Today, we only had around 130 acres remaining. I let Bri sleep but Addie and I went to church in Cordell to St. Anne’s. This is probably my favorite church on harvest just because everyone is so welcoming. I’m not sure how many people stopped to tell me that Adeline is a beautiful baby, or “You’re one of our harvest people,” and someone even commented that there was another girl, she believed it was my sister, last year. I had to call Tess for a nice little chuckle on the way home to let her know she hasn’t been forgotten.

When we got home, I helped with lunch and going between the campers to do some stuff, here came Miss Briar Mae in her little undies and shoes. Her outfit was back at Leigh’s (she took her shirt off to eat pudding – and her shorts off for the fun of it?) so I told her we needed to go get dressed. She was halfway there and screamed, “I need my sundasses. It’s just so hot!” IMG_1764
Our little redneck toddler.

At lunch, she was wishing Blake a happy birthday but then got the happy fodder’s day down. With them just having one field left of 80 acres, they weren’t in a big hurry. I told Bri to go grab me a cookie so she did, runs back to me, says “Happy Fodder’s Day, mom,” and shoves the cookie in her mouth.

IMG_1774 IMG_1790

They finished just before four, roaded the combines in, and then blew them off so they are loading ready in the morning. It’s always best to load the combines right away before the day gets hot. After realizing, I wouldn’t be getting bri down for a nap, we went into high working mode to get Blake a picture painted for Father’s Day.

He got in, she gave it to him, and he was admiring it when this exchange occurred:
Bri: I made dis for you. You like it?
Blake: wow! That’s so nice. You did great. Really nice.
Bri: tan you say tank you?
Blake: thank you.
Bri: you welcome.

Later, after eating, bathing, Blake gave Briar and Addie some matching jammies we picked up prior to the summer. I always think about it when Blake isn’t around and since Bri associates the things she gets with who gives them to her, I wanted him to be there – and for him to see the reaction. “Dis is so nice. It’s perfect.”

The PERFECT pajamas.

So, there ya have it. First stop of Harvest ’15 is done. Now just to load, move, unload, set up, and start testing in SW Kansas. šŸ˜‰

P.S. Thanks for being such a great dad to our girls, Blake! You are setting the bar high for what those two are going to expect out of a husband. And happy father’s day to my dad and father-in-law too! Blake and I are lucky to have you as dads and our girls are so lucky to have you as papas. We love you!


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