the move down + the prelude

Adeline Lee joined our family in the early hours of December 31, 2014. The next day, we headed home from the hospital and it has been a crazy five months since. Besides being in the throes of a new baby with a toddler, whom at the time wouldn’t go to bed without mom, we decided to browse to just check our houses, thinking it would be very unlikely we would pull that trigger. 

  Adeline Lee just a few days old.
When we realized we could make it happen, trigger was pulled and getting our house market ready, listing it, walk thrus, paperwork, mortgage lending, drafting the new house, changing the location, needing to change the drafting plans due to changing the location, land surveyed, contractors set up – dirt, concrete, water, electric, plumbing, HVAC, preparing for harvest, repeating some – or a lot of – steps because something was labeled wrong in our surveyed plat, getting the main house to the site (we bought a redi-built) all happened. It was busy. Or exhausting. But! Our house arrived Monday, June 1. We left for harvest the next day, after the house movers had gotten it set and Blake fastened it to the foundation. (If it sounds strange that Blake fastened our house to the foundation, long story short, in order to save on excise tax, there’s a loophole in the tax code that if you fasten it yourself, you don’t need to pay the tax. It’s really easy and took him less than an hour.)

  That time our house was moved down the road.
The rest of the crew headed down before us, only by a couple hours. Blake pulled camper and I had pulled the fuel trailer so we were able to go pretty fast. However, we also had two kiddos so it was basically a wash in terms of catching up to the others. It was quite busy every stop we would make. Blake would get fuel, I would get the girls out of car seats to stretch, change Addie’s diaper, start feeding Addie, Blake would get my vehicle to get gas in it, when he was done, he would take Addie, I would take Bri into go potty, come back out so Blake could go in for a minute. Basically, it was nice to be back on the road until the screaming began again, of course. 

The first night, we made it to Smith Center, around 11 pm. We handed Addie off to Bruce and Leigh, while we opened up the camper to let some air in and the got the slide outs open. Rinsing out bottles, filling them back up with water, getting some snacks for Bri reorganized, diaper bag refilled, etc. The plan was to leave at seven the next morning, emphasis on PLAN. Thanks to an electric problem, we sat there forever while they fixed that. When it was time to go, emphasis on TIME TO GO, one of the guys realized that the bunkhouse was almost coming off the hitch. The hitch needed to be reinforced so Blake and Bruce started welding on that. When it seemed like things were about ready to go, I asked if I could drive ahead. Briar was riding with Blake and I had Addie the first day. TWICE, she started crying and we were going to be stopping on the relative near future. Both times she had messy pants and her poor little bottom didn’t look very good by the end of the first day. I wanted to be able to pull over when she started crying, so I could at least check to make sure she didn’t need a diaper change. So, I headed down. All was well until they stopped in Russell and realized the hitch wasn’t holding up, and they either needed to switch what everyone was pulling – or Blake needed to find a welding shop. The one time I leave ahead, and oh my gosh, that was pointless. I turned around, heading back to Russell (40 miles north) and partially there Blake calls. I pulled over because he found someone to weld on it. The place was actually an oil company but they had a welder who reinforced it really well. It was built onto his flatbed so he could just simply replace the hitch. So I’m pulled over on the side of the road and road construction begins around me. Umm, this is so awkward. I decided to finish the trek to Russell and wait there instead. Shortly after I got to  Russell, the trucks and two pickups header south. When Blake finally got back, the rest of us made our way too. Four hours later, we drove past the same spot where I had turned back.

Because traveling is tiring on adults, I can’t imagine how hard it is on the little people. I had everyone just keep moving and then would pull over with Addie when needed. She was just sick of it and I was sick of hearing her cry. We got to Sentinel around 9:15 pm and went to eat. Around ten, we headed to our lot and started setting up campers. Two hours later, the kids were in bed, Blake was showered, and I decided I was too tired to even shower. Sorry for stinking, Blake!

Thursday was supposedly going to be quiet since they didn’t think it would go for a few days, thanks to the record breaking rains that have finally lifted Oklahoma out of drought. They unloaded in the morning and decided to try it so they had an idea on moisture. 10% and they’ve been cutting since. 

I had a surprise planned for Briar for Friday. My sister Sarah flew in from Houston to see us. Who am I kidding? She flew in to see the kids. She is always so much help when she comes visit us, playing with the kids, giving them baths, holding Adeline the whole time so she’s good as spoiled by the time she leaves today. 

I have a lot of things to catch up on before I head home again next week. I have to sign for the mortgage and take care of a couple other things while home. For today though, Sarah and I are taking the girls to the city (as they call OKC here) to have some fun zoo time before we have to drop Sarah off back to the airport. Bri is used to picking up and dropping Sarah off at the airport because whenever she sees a plane in the sky or in a book, that’s “my Sarah’s plane.”

So that’s what’s happening, crazy spring, exhausting trip down, dry wheat, fun visit from auntie, and another harvest underway! Keep in touch!

   I’ve been sticking to my take pictures with my camera thing. Now to upload and share. These will work for now though!
  The double stroller life. 👯  Besties.  Auntie time!  Spending time at the park with auntie!


2 responses to “the move down + the prelude

  1. I’m so glad you decided to continue to share your harvesting adventures with us! It’s fun to see all the places you go and see what your 2 cuties are up to. 🙂

  2. Absolutely….what Rachel said.

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