hello, harvest 2015

Hi everyone! The blog is back but let’s be honest, we’ll see for how long. I would love to make time to blog 4-5 times per week as a way to look back and say oh my gosh, I forgot that happened. However, the idea of doing it and actually accomplishing it are two very different things.

This year being my fourth summer along on the harvesting adventure, I’ve noticed that my memory has already broken these few years into eras. There was first summer-no kids but pregnant with Bri. Then 2013 and 2014 are a little fuzzy to determine was Bri a baby or a toddler. And when I think back next year, I’ll know it was 2015 because of Addie being here. Point being, it’s best to write it down because remembering is hard. Which sounds so ridiculous but I’m sure some of you will understand.

There was one particular town we drove through and it made me think of something my mother-in-law told me on our trip down that first summer. She had said that at certain stops, she still gets flashbacks of when her kids were little toddling around when we go through certain towns on harvest. As I thought about this, the town in Nebraska where the window on the bunkhouse broke last year and though everyone was disappointed about being stopped, Bri went to town splashing in the mud puddles came to mind. Then this year, Blake and I were coming down because we left a few hours behind of everyone (more on that later) and Bri needed to pull over to go potty. We have a potty chair we brought along and she’s sitting on the side of the camper on the road saying, “Guys, dust a minute, I need to poot,” as we were trying to move her along. 

Every year, I try to spend a few moments deciding what I want to accomplish during the summer. One summer, I mastered caramel rolls, only to lose my mastery that next summer. I had a few epic failures (pregnancy brain?!). There’s always workout goals that sometimes last longer than others and sometimes fizzles fast. So yes, even though I want to blog more, my one single goal is to take one single picture with my camera daily. Not with my phone, with my camera. It sounds lazy but after loading food, sometimes chairs, sometimes car seats, kids, keys, drinks for the ride, phone, hat, sunglasses (which obviously the last five should be able to make it together in one single trip but one always seems to be left behind), it’s hard to also bring my camera. So that’s my goal, and I hope I stick to it. 

The days are long when you have little kids and sometimes, during harvest, the days can become even longer. But getting the girls bathed, snacked, in their jammies last night, I thought about how I know I’m going to long for these days in the future. I don’t know what the future holds or if we will always live this harvesting life but whether I’m sitting in my camper alone in twenty years or sitting in the living room of our house while Blake is sleeping in a chair (you know he will be), I’m going to miss these days. So long story short, I want to embrace this time, remember it, and thus share it. I hope you follow along with us!

   For those of you who didn’t get this snap from me on the way down. 
  She has gotten a couple months of screaming under her belt before we left but has turned into one happy baby!  I got myself moving this morning to get a little freedom in before the day started. Besides remembering and grabbing my camera, running (or rather, slow jogging) is hard after a year away but so worth it.  The personality this one is getting…WOW!  Storyteller, jokester, aspiring model (I’ll share the poses from yesterday soon!).


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