monsoon montana

Tomorrow, we will be in Montana for five weeks. And, we’ve still got some time here. We were slowly chipping away at things and then the rain came and will not stop. I mean, it stops for a day of 70-something degree weather and then will sprinkle that night and is simply not conducive to cutting dry wheat.

Since we have been here, we have cut around 5000 acres but in ideal conditions would have cut close to double that in the same time frame. We have gotten mixed reviews on fall harvest regarding when it will be ready to cut. Some say a long ways off and others think it won’t be too late. Again, we are talking about figurative ideal conditions where we get home soonish, have a couple weeks for the guys to tweak the machinery, I get out my honey-(help me)-do list {which has been made for a month, FYI}, we spend some time cutting at home (Parker area) before heading up to finish fall harvest up in Henry.

This year may not be in the ideal category to say the least. And I simply have to be okay with it because that’s pretty much my only option. Being negative about what didn’t happen in my ideal scenarios doesn’t change that we are still here and we still have work to do and we are still more fortunate than 90% of other custom harvesters after this disastrous summer – and if we are going to be real, 90(plus)% of everyone else in the world.

I mean, for real. Life is good! I am just a little anxious because we have this cute baby showing up in January and the fear that I’m going to have approximately 4 weeks between the end of harvest and new baby time. But then again, we do have food, shelter, world class medical care available, a safe environment, and I could go on but you get it. Maybe I don’t really have anything to get ready for.

Plus, if I want to really be positive, look at how much these two got in of bonding over the past few weeks…








She has now gotten so use to daddy being around that she gets into full breakdown mode when he has to go get something from downtown. It’s ROUGH ’round here, people!


And here’s our other favorite little twerp, taken a few weeks ago when I had my 20 week ultrasound in Glendive where I assured the doctor there was no way I would need to be seen in four weeks. NO WAY. {I’ll likely assess what’s happening at the end of the week and decide.}

I started writing this at 5:00 AM when I was completely awake for unknown reasons. Then it was snack time, nap time, lunch time, and get stuff done in the camper time.But good news! The guys headed out after lunch and we are CUTTING. We will finish our main customer today finally and moving on to another. And it’s a really good feeling 🙂

Have a good day!


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