chappell 2014

Oh Chappell. You tend to be a thorn in my side nearly every harvest. It’s really not that bad, just a lot of sitting and waiting, which seems to be a yearly routine. This year, the usual five-seven day sit and wait turned into a ten day wait. Granted, they were able to cut bits and pieces here and there but it took from arriving July 8 until yesterday (July 19 to get really going).

The good news is the wait was worth something. The wheat Blake was cutting tonight at supper was 54 bushels/acre. The fields here have all been beautiful – the ones I have driven by anyway. Since very little good cutting, there have been very few meals hauled. My picture taking abilities diminish year by year and I’ve taken very few pictures of Harvest ’14. My mother-in-law on the other hand seems to have a steady stream of picture taking year after year so at least I know where I can get some good ones.

My husband, who tends to be a little busier than me, operating equipment and managing help tweeted this pic earlier.

20140720-224730-82050279.jpgIt really is a pretty sight.

Since we have sat so much, I regret not meeting my family in The Hills when they were out there for a couple days but the thought that the wheat is going to ripen had kept me here. I would have had plenty of time to meet up with them, recoup from the trip, and so on but you never know. That trip to South Dakota wiped me out fairly well and I don’t like to leave my mother-in-law picking up all my slack.

So we had some fun here.

20140720-225441-82481107.jpgBlake and I decided to go to Dude’s Steakhouse in Sidney one night. We should have gotten a babysitter. After spending some time outside with her, I drove to Cabela’s to drops her off with grandpa and grandma!

20140720-225610-82570162.jpgFun at the Chappell pool – even more fun with a friend!

20140720-225610-82570508.jpgLoving life!

20140720-225746-82666323.jpgSidney day with mom and dad! Plate of bacon for lunch. She isn’t interested in pancakes, eggs, etc so why bother? ‘Merica.

20140720-225746-82666912.jpgVisiting the geese at the Cabela’s pond! “Duck ducks!”

20140720-225745-82665941.jpgIn Cabela’s seeing enough taxidermy to make PETA cry.

20140720-230107-82867993.jpgThe same friend who we met at the pool has horses and invited us out one night. Briar’s first horse ride. The girls are too sweet to her and she loved thinking she was a big girl.

20140720-230227-82947194.jpg“Mom, mom, mom, I done!” She wasn’t quite sure what to think of it.

20140720-230227-82947531.jpgThe next day we asked her if she rode some horses. Her eyes get big and insert excessive jibberish.

20140720-230526-83126257.jpgBath time this morning. Just call her big girl Bri Bri. I can’t believe how much she has changed in the past few weeks!

So that has pretty much been our last two weeks. Though the wait has been frustrating, at least we have had some fun in there too. Once we are finished here, we’ll be headed to Chadron and then hustle it up to Montana. It may be a fast and furious last half of harvest so maybe the rest was a blessing in disguise. Or something.

Hope you all have a great week!


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