kansas wind storm

If you think you’ve seen the dirt blow and haven’t been to drought stricken dry land, you haven’t seen anything. The sky literally turned from a light blue to a gray brown in matter of minutes. I was out there for supper and had to run grab something from the service pickup parked at the other end of the field. On the way back, Blake commented on the radio how it was moving in on us fast. Naively, I responded that it looked like it was more to the north. When I got back, I snapped a couple pictures of Tess since her time working with us is dwindling, gave her the water I retrieved for her, and Blake got on the radio that they might call it quits.

20140623-171002-61802434.jpgBuilding to the west but sun was shining and blue skies still seen.

20140623-171117-61877134.jpgGetting a little darker.

20140623-171147-61907121.jpgHere she comes. With the combines, it’s somewhat hard to tell which is dust being brought up by the machines and which is the wind but here, facing north, nothing was driving and you could see this wall of dirt headed our way.

The wind started blowing like crazy. I moves to the end of the dirt path so if it did start raining intensely (it could happen even if this is SW Kansas), I wouldn’t get stuck. And then she really came.




I sat there for a while and listened to them on the radio as they hustled to get the truck loaded, tarped, and prepared for potential rain. I called Leigh to warn her that if it wasn’t in Manter, it was probably on its way. After the wind died down just a bit, I decided to take off. For one, I wanted to unload my pickup before it got there and two, if it got really bad, I wanted to be there with Bri. I know she was in perfectly capable hands staying with grandma but there are times, she just wants mom (and mom just wants her).

Luckily I barely made it back in time to get the pickup unloaded, the clothes off the line for one of the hired guys, and the chairs folded down and then it the dust started at the campers. Nothing really came of it, we just got maybe 1-2 tenths of rain and lots of wind and dirt. My camper gets so dirty here but luckily, my current lazy ways doesn’t really care.

And on a really positive note, Blake is cutting north of town in a field that is yielding 40. The farmer didn’t think this piece fared very well. When he called to check how things were going, he had asked Blake if Blake was messing with him to make him feel good. After some reassurance that he was telling the truth, the farmer was pretty excited. It has been a lot of rough years in a row down here so it’s nice to share in someone’s excitement, even if it is just one field (but a really big 400+ acre field at that).


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