harvest time

Friday night, I realized I was on what I refer to as “Harvest Time.” Harvest time happens when I don’t know which day of the week it is. I realized it was Friday when I was flipping through the channels and 20/20 was on. I initially thought why is this on? I checked my phone and realized it was Friday night, aka party time only a few years ago but life obviously would have changed when parenthood arrived, regardless of what lifestyle we lived.

The other main factor is “Harvest Time” is running on Central time, even though we won’t be in that time zone again until September. Since I have known it, we’ve always stayed on Central and it basically comes down to efficiency. If Blake and Bruce want to get out to the field earlier, it’s easier to get the guys out there at 7:30 am vs 6:30 am. When elevators close at 10 pm, it is actually open until 11 pm on our time. That’s not to say the guys work from 7:30 am-11:30 pm every day but there are some very long days that they do put in at times.

20140622-153724-56244357.jpgThis has literally nothing to do with this post but a diaper and boots photo never hurts.

Despite feeling like Harvest time is here, I am also still really struggling with getting on task with everything on my to do list on a daily basis. Between meals, Bri things, laundry, paperwork, and God forbid organize my camper to make it more workable, I’m still on the struggle bus. Usually at this time, three weeks on the road, I’m much further ahead of where I am now.

I think of my first harvest, we had closed on our house May 4, moved, halfway organized our new home, did some major cleaning in our new place, packed the camper, and left May 13 and I was pregnant, just getting out of the sick stage. I am not sure how I got that much accomplished and still felt like I had a better handle on the things I brought versus this year, when everything still seems hodgepodge in my camper. Getting sick for 2.5 weeks before departure really did me in and it’s time to get out of that mess and into some normalcy.

So, getting my camper life organized is my goal this week. Now that I’ve acknowledged this season is here to stay for the next few months, it’s time to adjust and get prepared. My sister only has about a week left with us on the trail and if there is extra junk, I would much rather send it home with her than move it around for the next 2.5 months. Hopefully once I adjust and get things aligned, the daily tasks won’t seem quite as overwhelming, hence more time and (maybe) more blogging.

20140622-155831-57511302.jpgBri is also not on schedule. Nap time is supposed to be post lunch, not fall asleep three miles from the field. #growingprobs

20140622-155831-57511920.jpgMy life be like holy mess. This angle looks way better than what it would look like if I has the energy to stand up. Dishes be everywhere.


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  1. Bri in boots….so awesome!

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