bad news bear: gluten edition

Let’s talk about gluten. And how much I love it. Like homemade caramel rolls, pie crust, cookies, pizza, etc. Sooo good and so hard for me to give up. A while back, I did a cleanse and after my ten days of being gluten, dairy, and sugar free, I felt so good. I had so much more energy and was kind of tipped off that maybe I had an intolerance to either gluten or dairy. {Notice how sugar was not mentioned as a potenital offender.}

Though I have tried at different points to quit gluten for an extended period of time to see if it was in fact to blame, a few days into it, I’d be in a bind for lunch and decide that I’ll just have a sandwich and start again on Monday. Well, when Lent came around, Blake and I had just gotten back from a Mexico trip (more on that another day). Into the trip, I noticed how big my stomach would get after a couple cervezas and so on a whim, I decided to give up gluten for Lent to help determine if it was a gluten issue or a “too many drinks” issue.

I don’t think I thought this no gluten thing through because a week into Lent, I headed down to Texas to spend time with my sisters (more on that another day too and I swear the traveling is done-for now). Being gluten free, especially when new to it can be challenging while you are out and about, especially on Fridays when we also do not eat meat. My first day in Texas and about a week gluten free, we ended up going to my great uncle’s house. My uncle has a really nice back yard and we decided to go hot tubbing and hang out. When we got out, they told us they made supper for us-and it was pasta. I always thought that if someone offers you something (like supper), you’re really not supposed to decline and really, I didn’t want to be rude after such a nice gesture. So I ate it. Not a ton of it but I did eat it. And my stomach hardened and puffed out to the point of looking four months pregnant and it was really, very disappointing. {Note: look at all that hair?!? And how much I have aged in less than two years. YIKES!}

So I think I have a gluten intolerance. And it stinks but there are some positives to it. For starters, people have different symptoms and levels of severity to gluten intolerances. When I eat gluten, my stomach puffs up and it’s uncomfortable but it could be so much worse like running to the bathroom and spending a lot of time there because well, you know… Secondly, my father-in-law is gluten intolerant so we already make separate meals for him in the summer so it’s not like it would be any more of an inconvenience. This will probably work in my FIL’s favor since I love me some good treats, I’ll be on more of a mission to attempt some gluten-less versions. {Though I will note that for two people who make part of their living from harvesting wheat, this does seem like an awfully cruel joke.} And finally, if I had to have any kind of food intolerance, gluten would probably be the one I chose. Ice cream is just too wonderful so dairy is out. So yeah, #bumz but it could be worse. Much worse.

I can’t promise that I’ll never eat any gluten treats again but if and when I do, I’ll know what to expect. It’s one thing to have my husband see me with a chubby belly at home because I ate these caramel rolls. It’s another for people to look and me and think, “girl, I don’t think you should be drinking that,” as I parade around the swim up bar in my swimsuit with my four month (looking) pregnant stomach {a one piece swimsuit, in case you were curious}.

So see ya, gluten. You will be missed. But in the mean time, maybe I can start losing this remaining baby weight. Muhahaha. I am SOOOO funny.

And here are some sneak peeks into my trips, which were both just so much fun – though I am ready to spend some down time with my favorite fur ball! {Which would be Bri, of course. We haven’t completely gone off the deep end and do something as stupid-with our lifestyle-as get a pet.}

20140318-153658.jpgTexas with my sisters, y’all!

20140318-153757.jpgMexico with Blake!


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