day at the zoo

February and the first half of March was crazy but the thought of writing that all out seems a little daunting so to get back into updating this little place on the interweb, I’ll just start with yesterday. Yesterday had a high of 59 degrees and it was a lovely change for these parts. Today, there is a chance for snow so I really wanted to take advantage of the weather and take Bri to the zoo. Yesterday morning, my typically crazy, movin’ and shakin’ little munchkin was abnormally cuddly. It should have been a sign but I thought she was maybe just teething and a little tired.

While trying to get out the door, I asked her if she wanted to go bye-bye to which she replied “Nah.” Then I asked about going outside, which is a keyword that you DO NOT use unless you are prepared to go stat. I got another “Nah,” but put her in her car seat anyway.

20140318-113013.jpgJust not feeling the best.

The first display we went to was the Japanese Snow Monkeys and she did get a kick out of these little guys!

20140318-113503.jpgShe would look back at me like “Are you seeing this?!”

The Sioux Falls Zoo is actually quite impressive for the size of city and we are still in winter viewing. Here are some of the animals we saw.




20140318-114454.jpgOstriches. They peck at the window and she was a little stressed out.

20140318-114508.jpgGiraffes. Speaking of tall animals, I noticed how much Bri’s feet rest on the foot rest. I’m used to having them dangle. Sigh.

We also saw four other breeds of monkeys, penguins, cheetahs, black rhinos (only 2 of 60 in captivity with the intention of growing the population), a bear, a tiger, a few other animals plus the whole museum.

I like taking Bri to the zoo and think it will get even more fun as she becomes more excited to be there. Though the pictures do not necessarily show it, she seemed to like it more than the first time I took her. After about 90 minutes, I’m ready to leave, which is one reason I’m really glad we have zoo passes, which my parents got us for Christmas. I was hoping to use them more than we have but it has been an awful winter. Bri really likes the museum, probably more than the actual animals right now so I should have even just taken her there. Live and learn.

20140318-120232.jpgLoving the museum. I think she can see the animals up close so likes that part.

Blake was out last night for a few hours with some friends. One of the guys was in town for the night so it being St. Patrick’s Day was pure coincidence. Bri was my cuddle bug all evening and I was really thinking she was just teething. When Blake got home, she showed some interest in him so I passed her over. Once settled, she coughed and instantly started throwing up ALL. OVER. BLAKE. Good timing, Bri. JOKES. She has had two throwing up episodes in her life and the other one was all over me. Once we cleaned her, Blake, and the mess up, she ate some saltines and diluted apple juice and today, she’s my happy girl again.

20140318-120243.jpgDuring our cuddle sesh last night.

I was hoping to do some visiting today and taking her to see Blake’s grandparents and his grandma and uncle but we’ll just lay low to make sure the bug passes. She has been soaking in as much Bubble Guppies and Wallykazam as she can and busting out her dance moves every once in a while. I’m just happy she seems to be feeing better. Hope you have a great day!


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