links of the week

Being sedentary has had its perks, I guess. I have found some great things on the interweb that typically, I wouldn’t spend time seeking out. Confession: I did find a couple of these in the beginning part of the week but this many links…ridiculous.

1. This one on Tom Brady. Seriously, laughing out loud.

2. An interesting read to say the least. Put things in a different perspective about who Richard Sherman really is.

3. This commercial. Ahhh, why didn’t I write that? It’s all true. And I watched it when I was tired and I totes teared up.

4. I’m telling you, old people can be so sweet. More than got a little eye-mist from this one.

5. In this house, we love the Australian Open. We clean out our DVR before it starts every year. I’m so glad LiNa won the women’s side after finishing 2nd twice in the past three years. She is pretty awesome for a multitude of reasons but here are a few: 1) she told the Chinese government that if they were going to continue to take 80% of her prize money, she would quit tennis altogether and they caved into her. That takes some tennis-sized balls to do something like that, in my opinion. 2) She is playing her best tennis after the age of 30. 3) she is completely hilarious. She is always picking on her husband, who is also her former coach.

6. This Melbourne commercial is Briar’s fave. She literally has hustled her way from the foyer, up the stairs, and into the living room to dance to it, stopped everything she is doing to watch it, and nodded to it while sleeping in my arms. And I’m also happy Wawrinka won over Nadal, though Nadal’s back injury was a bummer in the men’s final.

And I think I just shared way too much evidence on who used all the data if we go over our limit this month. Sorry, dear!


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