the bri funnies: december 2-8

It was a fast week around here. Bri was sick and then I didn’t feel the best toward the end of the week. Regardless, it went fast and this week is looking to shape out the same way. We have an end of year party with our fall help tonight, a get together Friday, and Blake’s 30th birthday Saturday. I also haven’t gotten our Christmas decorations yet. Oops! Here is a review of Briar’s week December 2-8.

Monday, December 2

Briar likes to play search and rescue with her bath toy animals. And takes it seriously.


Blake and I both love kisses from Briar. When she didn’t want to give either one is us some love, I had her watch me give Blake a kiss on a cheek. She rushed up there to plant one on his cheek. Blake then gave me a kiss on the cheek. She then had to give me a kiss on the cheek. It was sweet.

Tuesday, December 3

Briar was so crabby and refused to take a nap…ALL. DAY. LONG. There’s nothing funny about that. She then got sick in the night and literally threw up all over me…nope, nothing funny at all.

Wednesday, December 4

She was still kind of sickly. Still ain’t funny.

Friday, December 6

Life’s pretty good when she is feeling well šŸ™‚

Briar figured out how to open the drawers on the coffee table and then would stand up on those drawers or sit in them and watch tv (for eight seconds). At one point, she grabbed my water jug and dumped it all over.


Auntie Tess had a practice meet down in Vermillion so we headed down to watch. Briar loves the dome. It may have to do with it being a huge space to run, she was hanging with her auntie, she could watch people run fast up close and personal, or she was among college-aged people who are obviously way more cool than her mom but she wanted nothing to do with me and was not happy when she had to come back into the chairs.

IMG_0481 IMG_0483 IMG_0486

Saturday, December 7

I didn’t feel the best so Blake, Bri, and I had a day of relaxation and hanging out. It was long overdue. Blake got some ice cream and when he sat down, his little shadow was there. Bri had quite the mess of hair, so Blake was holding it back when he would give her some ice cream. At one point Blake said, “I need a bite too, you’ve had four bites and I’ve only had one.” After waiting not so patiently, Briar had pulled her own hair back and opened her mouth, all ready for the next taste!

Briar used the drawers that she just figured out how to open and climbed on top of the coffee table. When the coffee table was close enough to the couch, she was able to use the coffee table to make it on top of the couch.

Sunday, December 8

We were getting ready for bed and were brushing our teeth. When I turned off my toothbrush, Briar started crying. I put my electric toothbrush in her mouth and her pearly whites got their first scrub. She liked it!

Another week of Briar changing in the books. Until next time…


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