from better to…better

So about a week ago, I posted {here} about the outside of our house. I planned on posting the improvements we have made thus far and then I got busy on a totally different project…well a couple. A week later, here’s the improved outside of our house!

From this:


To this:

IMG_0377Looking at the two, the green grass, fresh mulch, and live plants definitely help what it once looked like so we will examine a little closer.

Last fall, Blake changed the light fixtures. There were six total to change. This fall, we got a new door from Bayer Built, a company out of Minnesota. We liked the look of a wood door but the low maintenance with a fiberglass door. The fiberglass wood grain seemed like the best option, and the door is stainable. If we would have had the company do it, it would have been $400. I decided to tackle the project and saved about $380 with a little DIY. To stain fiberglass, you use a gel stain. I used Minwax Gel Stain in Aged Oak (similar).

photo-32This picture was prior to staining. You can also see the wear and tear on our After staining! I will put another coat of stain on in the spring. This fall was busy!

In one of our many trips to Lowe’s, we stumbled on the Rustoleum Restore deck coating. We decided we may as well try it. The Rustoleum Restore is $69.00 for three gallons. We needed two 3-gallon containers of it but do have leftovers for another project. We chose to buy it in Fieldstone. Putting this on is really similar to putting on super thick paint. They have a special roller to apply the mixture and I would suggest to anyone buying the Restore to definitely get the roller. Some parts were tricky getting the large roller in so for the second round, I bought an additional roller, used the jigsaw, and cut it in half to fit on a four inch roller. I just see they have 4 inch rollers available online but my way worked too.IMG_0379 IMG_0381Although it is difficult to see, Restore also leaves a gritty texture. I will be anxious to see how it handles the ice we will be getting eventually but it does seem to have really good grip.

Right before I applied the Restore, my handy husband built a new railing base. Once the restore was dried, we applied new metal railing.


We finally got new house numbers with this handy kit. The name is Easy Street and they aren’t kidding. It comes with different layouts for your house number so everything is all square and even. I think we can all agree, it looks a lot better than the numbers that were falling apart.
It really has gotten a lot better.

So what’s left. Well we really want to paint our house have our house painted. With the lifestyle, we are really busy March through November and in South Dakota, November through March isn’t exactly prime painting weather. We also need to do something with our landscaping. For now, we are happy with the way things are looking.

Now if only I can get motivated to put some Christmas decor up…


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