the bri funnies: nov 25-dec 1

I can’t believe how quickly that week went! We had a very nice Thanksgiving weekend with lots of family, friends, fun, and of course food. Bri once again delivered some things for us to laugh about. Last year at Thanksgiving, Bri was such a little peanut and now she’s a walking, try-to-talking busy body. This past year, wow is all I have to say. So fast!

Monday, November 25
Bri is obsessed with garbages and we were headed out to do errands. She reached into our recyclables, grabbed an empty beer can, and somehow dumped the little bit that was remaining in the can all over her shirt. In order to avoid some seriously bad looks, I obviously changed her, wiped her down, and lathered her up in a large amount of lotion to mask the smell.

Wednesday, November 27
Briar had her first hair cut by Auntie Katie!

IMG_0397 Before the haircut.IMG_0402Definitely straggly.IMG_0405 After.IMG_0403  Much better!IMG_0409Bri Bri with her personal stylist, Auntie Katie.

We’ve been working on our bathroom and I wanted to get a little done on it and Blake was working. I decided to leave Bri with Blake’s parents and then Blake brought her home. While she was with grandpa and grandma, she would wind up and slap grandpa, who was trying to get over a sinus infection, every time he would doze off.

Thursday, November 28
Happy Thanksgiving! Auntie Anna has two dogs and they were also at the Thanksgiving festivities. Bri is a real animal lover and loves those dogs. So much, she was trying to lick them. Gross!


Saturday, November 30
Briar can now say “Tess!”

We were up with grandpa and grandma Johnson. Briar’s “little” cousin Jimi was over too. Though they are much better with each other than before, Briar still gets territorial on some things. My parents’ play mat has a piano at the end and Bri was pounding on that. When Jimi came over to get in on the action, Briar literally used her upper body to lay across it so Jimi couldn’t get to it. It’s okay, Jimi will be bigger than Bri soon and Bri will get a taste of her own medicine.

Sunday, December 1
Too much fun with Auntie Tess, checking the cows.20131202-202050.jpg




20131202-202243.jpgLooking a little rough, for sure. But we had a lot of fun crammed in there with the dogs.

As I mentioned, Auntie Tess had been around Briar quite a bit this past weekend. On the way home, I had crawled to the back to give Briar a bottle. After eating, Briar found one of Tess’ long hairs and kept playing with it over and over and over. When she would drop it, she would start crying. I would find it and give it back to her and she would be content again, pulling the hair through her fingers. I kid you not, this entertained her for over 30 minutes. Tess said she is willing to gift a strand to Bri for Christmas, probably even two.20131202-202455.jpgThoroughly enjoying Auntie Tess’ hair.


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  1. I just love your sight, you do such a great job. Merry Christmas to you all

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