Wow, has it really already been two weeks since my last post? I feel like that time just flew by – because it did. Since then, my mother-in-law had her Holiday Open House at her new shop, my beautiful little girl turned one, we completely finished Harvest 2013, we moved everything back home, and are currently attempting to get settled in our house once again.

I have noticed that I have an issue with using the excuse of being busy for not doing things I really need to get done. Everyone is busy, get over it self! But really, it has been pretty crazy around here – at least for the pace that I like to keep. Since I am not going to attempt to write a novel on what’s been going on, here’s the basics and I’m planning on tackling each topic a little more thoroughly soon.


Though a trying year, I am pleased and proud to say we made it through and will be putting the combine away for a few months. Between the really poor summer season we had and the crazy demands of the fall, I think everyone around here is looking forward to a slow down and taking a break for a while. Briar loves her daddy so much and I am hopeful they will get some quality time together soon. They both need and deserve it!

My Mom’s Surgery-

My mom had surgery a week ago on her bunion approaching four weeks ago. She is getting around pretty well, all things considered. If you know my mom, you can imagine how being forced to have her feet up is basically torture for her. I’m glad we were there to help her out and for Bri to entertain her. The two of them definitely bonded the four weeks we were up there.

My Mother-in-Law’s Shop-

My mother-in-law opened a store the second weekend of October. The shop, called Twigs & Treasures, is located in Parker and is a coffee shop and also carries antiques, home decor, crafts, specialty items, etc. It’s a really neat place and I’m really happy for her that she did it. She has been wanting to open a stop like this since around the time she and my father-in-law married (31 years) so it’s great she is making her dreams a reality. The store has been crazy busy. I do not think she (or anyone) could have anticipated the response she has received with the shop.

For years, Leigh (my mother-in-law) has hosted a Holiday Open House in her home. Since she now has the shop, it was there this year. Briar and I went down on Thursday to help set up and then were there most of the day Friday. It was fun being there for it!


I seriously am unsure how I got blessed with such a sweet girl. She is just too much fun most of the time. Shortly after we got up in Henry, she had an ear infection and is currently battling a different cold. Other than catching the crap that’s been going around, she’s thriving and I’m loving her to pieces. Her birthday party was pretty great and I am amazed at how much she changes weekly. Besides bonding with my mom and dad while we were there, she also got used to her little cousin Jimi. In all honestly, her “little” cousin is about the same size as Briar and has quite the personality herself. Jimi will be six months old this week and the two of them make quite a pair.

Home Sweet Home-

There really is no place like home. There is also no place like home disaster home. Ugh…this packing and unpacking and packing and unpacking has done a number to this place in terms of organization. I attempted to accomplish a few things on Thursday evening by leaving Briar with Blake’s parents. Friday, I succumbed to trying to accomplish anything with the sweets around and we played and napped around the mess. Saturday morning, my mom offered to meet me halfway and take her for a couple days. Offer accepted. I dropped her off around noon and Blake and I ended up not being as productive as we originally planned. We went to Oggie’s to watch South Dakota play SDSU (go yotes!), came home for a bit, and then met up with friends. We needed a day of hanging out so it turned out to be an unexpected treat. Today, we really attacked the paperwork and the house. I’ll be getting the peanut sometime tomorrow though as mid-afternoon, we were really missing her. Well, I think that load of clothes is dry now so I’m signing off. Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend! I’ll be back soon.



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