the cutest cow i’ve ever seen

To people who didn’t grow up around farm animals, you may think that when it comes to looks, all cows are equal. This is simply not true. Some cows, especially calves, are just better looking. With the different cows I have been around, I thought I have seen some cuties until I laid my eyes on this little cow…

Briar’s First Halloween!IMG_0033

IMG_0034 IMG_0036
Briar’s auntie Amber made her a pumpkin!IMG_0038 IMG_0039
The tongue is always out anymore.IMG_0056 IMG_0065
Briar with her cousin Jimi!IMG_0067
Working on the love-hate relationship. IMG_0087
Briar & Jimi with my grandma Cokey. Both of the girls refused naps the day of Halloween so they weren’t as happy as they normally were. 

I attempted a picture with my favorite cow but she wasn’t having it.

Unfortunately, due to the nap issue, I never got Briar to moo while she had the cow costume on. I may have to put it back on her one of these first days and see if she’ll perform on the spot.


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