five things i would rather do than celebrate halloween

It’s past midnight so it’s officially Halloween. We had a rain day so Blake and I did errands this afternoon. It seems like when we do errands, Blake decides to reward himself with a coffee. I have a coffee time of the day limit but seem to forget about this when we’re doing errands and my husband is getting a tall drink of something delicious whether I do or not. Long story short, I drank a latte and now can’t sleep.

I decided to catch up on some of my favorite blogs when I saw a link up party that Erin put on over at Living in Yellow. Yikes! This is my first link up in the bloggity blog world so let’s hope I don’t totally fail at this. If I do, I apologize to every one of my 26 followers.

My friend Jon and I, Halloween 2010. Since starting college, I think I have dressed up three times for Halloween and twice I used this costume. 

Though I have dressed up for it before, I feel like it is just really not my thing. Halloween, scary movies, the thought of zombies or vampires or any other freaky American phenomenon = just not into it. I’d rather stay up at night because I enjoyed a coffee with my husband and not because of some horrible movie that I unhappily sat through. So without further ado, here are five things I would rather do than celebrate Halloween.

1) Finish Harvest. We’re getting down there but we are also approaching the six months in action mark. Basically, I’m sick of cooking and packing up food to take somewhere else. I’m ready to be settled in for a few months. I’ll totally celebrate being done with harvest this year, especially once I get my house organized.

2) Spend money on real clothes. I mean, really, Halloween costumes are ridiculously priced for what little material they have / poor quality of material and I’m too cheap to waste money on that.

3) Craft real home decor instead of carving pumpkins. Pumpkin carving looks messy, sticky, and then they don’t even last very long. I’ve never really done it so maybe I should try it…next year?

4) Hang out instead of pass out…candy that is. Last year, we were home for Halloween and at the time I was a solid 38.5 weeks pregnant. Blake was finished with Harvesting and got home early enough to help pass out candy. We live in a split level so he went up and down the stairs a few times. Pretty soon, he was complaining how he was sore from the strenuous activity (again, I was seriously pregnant at the time so I felt super bad for him). There were a few cuties who showed up that made listening to Blake’s leg ache complains worth it though and I found out that Blake is for sure the friendliest candy giver. Ever. In the history of the world.

5) Oh wait, I’m a mom now. And I have an adorable little cow to show off to a few peopls. Bonus! She just learned how to moo this past week while helping grandpa do chores. So really, I’m pretty excited. Halloween will actually be pretty great this year!

Of course, my little cow will be bracing the blog soon so come back to visit! Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!


3 responses to “five things i would rather do than celebrate halloween

  1. Come on, Darcy…..get a .gif of her Mooing out there!

  2. Another downside of Halloween that most people don’t even consider……All the real life slutty nurses are having their feelings trampled on!

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