cutting beans

Fall Harvest is in full swing in Southeast South Dakota. They got going a week ago and have been pretty busy ever since. We got rain Friday night / early Saturday morning so Blake and I got a day to work on house projects (more on that later!) but things were dry enough to cut again today.

Blake cut corn this morning and it was 17.5-19.5% moisture. This particular field was yielding around 175, which is a vast improvement from last year. After he was done with that field, he moved over to beans. The beans were around 10% moisture this evening and yield average was 55 bushels per acre.

Bri’s and my day went something like this: wake up, pick up the house, Bri ate, Bri’s bath time, go get a few groceries, make lunch, watch Bubble Guppies, pack up lunch, drive out to the field, and have lunch with dad.

20130930-221827.jpgBath time! She kept throwing her toys out. I don’t think so, lady!

After lunch, I failed miserably at trying to get Briar to nap so we went outside instead. I raked up an area and pulled some weeds. Briar worked on standing, then clapping while standing, and digging her fingernails into the dirt. It was pretty warm today so we came in to drink some water. Briar has her own camelbak but would take a drink out of hers then mine then back to hers. I guess she wanted to make sure I wasn’t drinking better water than her. After a bottle, nap time! So I got a few things done. I cheated for supper and ordered from the Tea Steakhouse. The food is cheap and they have really good hamburgers so for four hamburgers and four orders of fries, it was less than $20.

We took supper out and then decide to ride with Blake for a while – that’s how I knew the yields/ moisture. Typically, it’s not something we discuss too much. Briar and I got almost two hours of riding in and in my opinion, Briar doesn’t handle the combine like most kids. I thought they were supposed to sleep! Not her – up against the glass, then wants on my lap, then wants Blake to hold her, then pouts when Blake doesn’t let her steer. She was busy.

One thing I noticed while in the combine with her is the girl needs bigger shoes. Size 4 just is too small. Hashtag Bigfoot. It’s crazy.

Blake finished the field around 8:15 and Briar and I headed home. It is a good thing we rode around in the combine tonight because he just got home (10:30 p.m.) and Bri babes has been down for a half hour already and I want those two to see each other, gosh darn it!

20130930-223632.jpgLike her dad, she always has to check things out!

20130930-223642.jpgNot impressed when she couldn’t steer. If the wheel is moved too much, it takes the combine out of auto steer.

20130930-223700.jpgLate night combine rides with my two faves.


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