life at home

{I started writing this post last Friday so keep that in mind.}

It has been a week already since we got back home. I do not know where that time went but that’s fairly typical for me. Also fairly typical for me, my to-do list is looking quite similar to what it looked like when it was made. I haven’t gotten nearly enough done to feel good about the state in which we are living but I’ll blog quickly instead of clean while Briar is napping. Hashtag YOLO. I’m well aware that the whole YOLO thing was hip like a year ago but I’m suddenly finding the humor in it again. 

The trip home was great. You know, as great as a 650 mile road trip can be with a convoy and a ten month old. We got going around noon on Thursday and made it all the way to Bowdle, South Dakota. They had a new gas station / something with a huge building and huge parking lot and we stayed there for the evening. Because we didn’t have our pickup (we used one of the service pickups), it doesn’t have the hot spot (or I don’t know what it is called) so basically, we didn’t have electricity in the camper at all. Usually we can get the slide out in the bedroom and turn on the lights but no such luck. The three amigos (Blake, Bri, and myself) all slept together with the doors open. We all started on top of the covers cause it was warm traveling that day. We ended up with Blake under the covers, me under a throw blanket, and Briar decided to sleep the opposite way sometime in the night – her feet were pointing to the head of the bed and her head was pointing toward the foot of the bed. I will say I much prefer this new method over her sleeping perpendicular between Blake and me.

We pulled out of Bowdle around 7:30 am on Friday (and since we had crossed the river, everyone else around us also was on central American time again. We made it to my parents’ neck of the woods where we pulled in to a neighbor’s yard. There, we dropped off Bri-babes as she was going to be embarking on her first stayover at grandma’s for the weekend. My parents had taken her for a night in April but she has become much more attached to Blake and me since then but I thought it would be okay. After the quick stop, we made it to Jake’s corner near Howard, right around noon. We pulled over and made up sandwiches quickly. Though we were only an hour from home and the guys had to be sick of sandwiches by then, a couple vehicles needed fuel and that way the guys helping us would have something to eat so didn’t need to be fed right when they got home.

Having just ate also worked out great for Blake and me because as soon as we pulled in the yard, we pretty much high tailed it to our house. Our house is in a culdesac and like any area in Tea, it is overrun by kids. Kids are great! BUT they are not great to have around when you are trying to turn a 40 foot camper around in a small space. Since we had not done this before, we felt better about getting home before the kids were out from school. Blake, of course, parked it like the professional that he is and had zero problems whatsoever. This is awesome because it takes so much time to load my vehicle, drive the short 12 miles to the farm, unload my vehicle, and then put away in the camper, drive back home, and repeat. Next spring, we will just bring the beast in and I can get the sucker packed in a day or two. Boo-ya! So after we got the camper parked, I started timing us. We unloaded the whole thing in 80 minutes. It was unbelievably hot and sticky and we were dripping in sweat but totally worth it. After we were done, I said I felt like I stunk, Blake confirmed that I did indeed stink so I showered. Holy! Do you realize how amazing showers are in houses?! The water stays hot for what seems like an eternity. The pressure is great. Blake could start a load of laundry and I would not even care. Purely amazing. That said, I am very thankful for the amenities I have in our camper, but it’s still not a house.

After that amazing shower, we took the camper back to the farm, parked it, and visited with Blake’s sister and her husband for a bit. We called in pizza for our usual (half sweet swine, half hamburger, onions, black olives) and picked it up when we got into town (love the drive thru for carryout!). After Blake washed the stink off him, we ate in the basement on our OH SO VERY LOVELY COUCH. Our couch in the basement is the best couch in the world. We know multiple people who have gotten that same couch because it’s just that great. Once we sat down, it was over.

{And that’s when Briar woke up, so today – Wednesday – I’ll try finishing it.}

We decided to (gasp!) rent a movie. We started watching Gatsby, got half way through it, and then the phone rang. It was my mom. Briar did not like that her parents were sitting on the couch relaxing without her. She had a little panic attack and so we got ready quick and started driving to meet my mom. My mom decided to pack her bag and come stay with us for the weekend so I could still get some things done. Thank you, mama! When we “met” my mom on the interstate, Briar was sleeping so we just turned around and followed her until Bri woke up. I felt some serious mom guilt about thinking she could do it. Too many changes too fast. My selfishness of wanting a little break backfired completely and lesson learned. When we got back to our house, Briar was so excited to see her room. I had painted her these little animals before she was born and for some reason, they really impressed her that night.

Saturday morning, Blake and I had a funeral to go to. Briar wasn’t so sure about us leaving and she wasn’t so sure about the house in general. It was just so much bigger than she was used to and it was scary for her to not be able to see anyone. Saturday afternoon, I attacked the mass of stuff just laying in our living room and got the place halfway picked up. Saturday night, Blake and I went to a 30th birthday party and it was great to be able to reconnect with our friends again.

Sunday, we headed to church in the morning. Briar was also REALLY excited to be back at St. Michael parish. Before we left, she would be happy whenever we would walk in. She was also the unspoken greeter as everyone who walked in after us got a two handed wave as well as the signature “o” face. Sunday afternoon was nap time. Blake and I were totally spent from finishing up harvest, the traveling home, getting the camper unloaded, and of course, the beverages didn’t help from the night before.

I decided that Briar and I would head home with my mom so we could pick up Blake’s pickup. How did it get to Henry? Well, Brenda from Schmidt motors in Ogalala has a daughter who lives in Hot Springs. Brenda had gone to visit her labor day weekend and left the pickup there. My brother and his wife were going out to Custer (about 30 miles from Hot Springs) for a surprise birthday party the following weekend and were able to pick it up for us. It actually worked out great because Paul wanted to come home Saturday afternoon so he just brought our pickup back and Amber was able to spend some more time with her family.

I got to see my dad and grandma and they got to see Briar some more. Bri and I headed back fairly early on Monday, as I was hoping to get some more things settled at home. Briar also was getting sick with a runny nose. Since she was born, she has only had one other cold so I suppose we were due for something.

Monday night, I had fallen asleep on the upstairs couch for a bit and got ATTACKED by a spider. When I had napped the day before on the downstairs couch, I had also got attacked. I had about a dozen bites on each foot and it was irritating. Tuesday, I decided I needed to bomb our house with some insecticide. Our front door needs to be replaced (we ordered the door today – should be done early next week!) and I think some creepy crawlers got in while we were gone. My in-laws happened to stop over that day and they took Briar so I could get it done without having to worry about her. After I let the “bombs” off, you need to leave the house for two hours so I went and did a bunch of errands, came home and opened the windows, and then headed out to the farm to let the house air out for a couple hours. While at the farm, I noticed my throat was getting sore. Ugh – I got sick too.

Wednesday morning, Blake and Bruce headed out to Chadron to get the equipment. If you remember, we had to leave a combine, a header, and a grain trailer there. It is such a great feeling when everything is home after the wheat run!

For me, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday consisted of not too much besides resting and trying to get the basics like dishes, laundry, and picking up done. Blake even played Mr. Mom on Thursday as I was not able to take care of Bri. By Saturday, I was feeling a little better but nothing great yet. Sunday, we went to mass at 8 am, which we decided is our time to go. It’s not as crowded, Bri seems less riled up, and it makes for a nice little Sunday to have the rest of your day at 9 am. We went to Blake’s parents’ church at 10:30 since our brother-in-law got baptized at that service. We then went out to eat with everyone afterwards and sent Bri babes home with grandpa and grandma. We had big plans for that day and our big plans resulted in taking a nap, doing some paperwork, and getting the house picked up.

Monday, Blake started feeling sick and took off part of yesterday. Today, I am still feeling a little under the weather with a congested nose and cough. Briar also is still dripping and coughing but it’s still not slowing her down whatsoever. I have, however, gotten our lives a little more in order, emphasis on little.

So that’s what we have been up to. I think I overheard the husband say that we could start harvest next week. If we needed a nasty virus to linger around for way too long, I guess it’s probably good it happened when it did. It’s just hard when you want to see people and get your house in order, and basically get back to your “real” life. Well, Bri babes is STILL sleeping so I better seize the remaining time I have to get anything done. Hope everyone has a great week!


2 responses to “life at home

  1. You say YOLO was hip a year ago, huh? Thanks a lot……all new to me.
    I am, however, hip to camper life and loading or unloading is best done in the driveway. Like my buddy Si would say, “That’s how we did it in Nam.”
    A head cold has been going around here and it seems everyone is better part of 2 weeks blowing their noses. Good luck to all of you with that.
    So, by my arithmetic you were without your new pickup for nearly 3 months. Do you have any idea how LIVID I would be?,

    • Oh yeah, this unloading experience was much preferred versus what we did the past couple years. Too much other stuff to do besides driving back and forth. It was a little over two months sans the pickup, very frustrating considering a large reason for purchasing was to haul the camper around. It is one headache I’m glad to have over – happy everything is home and hoping we don’t have any other problems with it!

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