quite the finale

Note: if germy things gross you out, skip reading until the bold sentence. 🙂

My multitasking skills failed me this morning. I thought we were having a nice morning – cooking, playing, and snacking.

20130903-103442.jpgJust making silly faces and playing copy cat with my BFF.

And then it was time for cleaning. I started the dishes and Briar was roaming our quarters as she regularly does. Things got quiet. Too quiet. Sure enough, either Blake or I forgot to put the Dreft on the toilet seat and someone was splashing around in the toilet. Ugh! I have read that toilet water is cleaner than fast food ice but still…

I started the bath water because she needed one anyway. I unhooked her diaper and threw her in the tub. And then I smelled it. Without realizing it, Briar had messy pants and I put her soiled butt in clean bath water. After unplugging the tub, I grabbed her toys because they usually make their way to her mouth. I got her out of the tub, wiped her up, and let her roam free while I scrubbed the tub with antibacterial wipes. I guess I need to clean the shower before we head home so at least I got a jumpstart? While Briar was bare bottom roaming, she sat on the rug and had all these small pebbles stuck to that cute booty. I got a little nervous when I saw those plastered pebbles thinking it was something else. Big sigh of relief when I realized what it was.

I got Briar back in the clean tub with new water and instantly I see that she is peeing. You can’t win them all so we carried on with bath time.

Stand up, sit down, retrieve her (also newly cleaned) bath animals, stand up, throw each one out, lift her leg up on the ledge like she is getting out, get mad when I throw all the animals back in, sit down, retrieve each one, stand up to throw them out, and repeat over and over and over again.

I got her out, diapered her, gave her eye drops and Tylenol, and was giving her a bottle. She finally gave in and fell asleep – for about fifteen minutes anyway. Soon she was up, roaming around, and I still had a mess, wasn’t finished making lunch, and remained unshowered.

I had to borrow something from my mother-in-law to finish making lunch. Briar was playing really nice so I left her while I went to go grab that. I grabbed what I needed, immediately came back to the camper, and smelled something sweet and wonderful. Briar had opened the lid of an empty creamer bottle and had gotten every remaining drop all over the floor and herself.

I got the mess cleaned up and got carrots going. And then I got ready. Typically getting ready is NOT on a need to do basis (or even nice to do) but this morning, I realized that Wheat Harvest 2013 is coming to a close and our little family hadn’t even gotten one little picture all together. The toilet thing, that happens but no family pictures, especially when I’ve taken hundreds of pictures over these past three months, is definitely a fail. Though I didn’t get a shower, I know in the future I’ll look back at these family pictures and think Dang! I actually used to look pretty decent! And if I do look back in 30 years and think I look better at this future time than I do now, 57 year old Darcie is going to be looking great for her age, so it’s basically a win either way.

So, we headed out for lunch and everything went smoothly during that window of time. When we got back, we unloaded the car and started on dishes. Both Leigh and I each have prep dishes that we try to do before we leave for a meal. When we get done, we haul everything into her camper, do the dishes together, and then I bring my clean dishes back. Her camper is more conducive and lucky for me, she graciously packs the plates, cups, utensils, and tea every day. I was finishing up the last dish and she changed Briar, who once her diaper came off, high tailed it to the other side of the camper. Oh, welcome nudist stage – I guess. After some wrestling, grandma got her diaper back on again.

And then something WONDERFUL happened. Briar was standing by grandma and was reaching for me so Leigh got her body next to Bri’s and she felt secure enough to take that first step, followed by two or three more. She repeated that a couple times with the third time being a little weak.To say I am as proud as a peacock is an understatement. Way to go Bri, you’re too much fun!

Leigh was going to do a few things before we headed out to visit Cloey and do some errands. I took Bri over to our camper so I could get her fed a bottle. Due to our lack of counter space, I use the same system I use for traveling. When I got my Medela pump, these small 2.5 ounce storage containers came with. These containers fit into our bottles perfectly so I keep the bottles filled with the allotted amount of water and the storage containers filled with the formula. It has worked great all summer. Until today, that is.

I grabbed a bottle and a storage container before sitting down with Bri. As I was dumping the formula into the bottle, Briar kicks my arm and formula went everywhere. On my shirt and capris, on the chair, on the floor, Bri stayed pretty clean however. I went and grabbed the vacuum and cleaned everything up quickly. I may or may not just vacuumed the formula off my capris and went on my way.

After a nice visit with Cloey and doing some errands, we got back to the camper and I still didn’t have my prep dishes done. Thankfully, Leigh took Bri for about an hour and I whipped things together quickly at my camper.

The guys had 500 acres remaining at the start of today (our customers also have a combine and are cutting too). Since I haven’t heard anything, I am assuming things are going well. If loading goes okay, I should be doing some organizing in around in 24 hours to make moving preparation easier on Thursday. I think it finally just hit me that we are actually going to be heading home soon! Eek!

To sum it up, Bri and I had quite a finale on this final day of cutting. Considering that Briar isn’t even ten months yet, something tells me the real fun is only beginning.

20130903-210731.jpgThe girl loves her bath animals, especially with teething!

20130903-211945.jpgRetrieving her friends.

20130903-212447.jpgI want out of here and I want my friends to come with me!

20130903-213429.jpgAquick shot of the formula fiasco.


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