lots of ramblings

Anyone who knows me personally knows I sometimes ramble. And by sometimes, I really mean frequently. So today’s post is brought to you by the various thoughts in my head. You ready?!

One more day!

That’s right, one more day of cutting until we call Wheat Harvest 2013 over. Three months, six stops, endless equipment trouble, and a really sad harvest from drought, freeze, and hail but we made it through and are looking forward to better seasons ahead! We are thankful for the great crop forecast for fall harvesting at home.

Blake is kind of annoyed with you.

Yes, Blake is annoyed with you. I wrote last year around this time (well around the time we were making our final push to get home) that he would appreciate comments. He just asked me the other night if anyone had commented. Pure disappointment when I told him no. I guess he misses you lots – so take that as a compliment. And say hello, gosh darn it! 😉


I can’t get over how Briar went from having one lone ranger of a tooth to a mouth full overnight. She has been taking monster naps for her this past week {awesome-sauce for me!} and is currently working on a good one as I type this.

My blog wants to be a cute little blog.

I have been working on my blog on and off this past weekend. My blog decided it wants to be a cute little blog so I am going to be doing some switching and changing and hopefully will make it just that. Or something a little cuter. Or at minimum, something a little more me.


Bri babes is giving kisses like nobody’s business these days. We have the closed mouth, the open mouth, and the open mouth with tongue varieties. I ask, “Can mommy have a kissie?” and get something wet get planted on me instantly. Day made! She isn’t biased to just Blake and me either, she also likes to kiss other people, her stuffed animals, the pictures in her books, and especially that cute baby in the mirror.

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic long weekend. Nothing was different around here. I did my thing and Blake labored. Pun intended.

Travel Plans

Provided things go well with the final little bit, we will finish tomorrow (Tuesday). It will take at least all of Wednesday to clean the machines, load, settle up, etc. Depending if things are finished early Thursday or late Thursday will determine if we can leave Thursday or Friday. Once we get going, it takes two days to get home with hauling the equipment. There are around 650 miles that separate me from our house so I think I have Blake convinced to let me and Bri just ride with someone this long haul. If we’re at the point that we need one more driver to get everything back in one load, I’ll gladly make the sacrifice so they don’t have to make the trek to get the remaining equipment. I will however be purchasing some ear plugs. 

Well thanks for listening. I also have some pictures to share!

Unloading on the go.IMG_9968
Driving through the pasture so we could get to the field.IMG_9969
Cut, cut, cut!
Last night, Briar literally got stuck in the stool. Like any good blogging mom, I grabbed a quick picture before I saved her. She was trying to move forward and push her head through the bottom opening. 


7 responses to “lots of ramblings

  1. Blake, I’ll comment: I don’t want the harvest blogging to end!! Middle-of-the-night feedings/rockings usually consist of reading the news and then ‘oh ya! I haven’t read Darcie’s blog for awhile!’ and then it gives me a good read at 3am. I’m sure you’re all ready to get home and see family and friends – and have space again. But, like I’ve told you before, every blog post I read makes me miss the gypsy lifestyle of harvest. Probably a good thing wheat harvest doesn’t happen in eastern Nebraska and I don’t have to see it..would make me too sad that I’m not a part of it anymore.

    • I was just talking about how even though I am ready to get back to “normalcy”, I am really thankful for how my kid(s) will grow up. Spending this much quality time with Bri(them) is something I’ll cherish forever – and I think they will have endless benefits as well even if they don’t stay in the business. You’re a great example of that, Jamie!

  2. I love your blog!!! Safe travels!

  3. Hi Blake, Darcie and Bri! I have been reading your blog but I will admit I am guilty of not leaving you a message. We really have enjoyed seeing pictures of where you have been (even tho the drought pictures were pretty sad) and also seeing the many faces of Briar :o)… We’re looking forward to seeing you back in SD very soon!

  4. HI BLAKE! 😀

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