camper tour

I had the BEST of intentions to do this post a LONG time ago but I wanted our home away from home look its best when I show the girl off. I came to the realization today that this post wasn’t going to get done if I was going to wait until our camper looked perfect. While I was picking up the ole gal (even if it’s not immaculate, I do have some self respect!), I was thinking about how misleading it would be to show a completely tidy place. I am not completely tidy. Tired, yes, tidy, only on occasion. So, here’s the disclosure: the state of these pictures is better than the state in which we typically live. I had done a better job at the beginning of the summer and then, little miss tornado decided to get really busy all the time and I decided I would rather take a few minutes to relax than reorganize the bathroom. Somehow we have survived these 13 weeks and should be emptying most of the contents in here into my living room floor a week or so from now. Maybe I will do a post on that to show how much of a headache that is every year. So, without further ado, here’s where we spend approximately 25% of our year. When I say it like that, sheesh!

So this is our home away from home. The door on the right is in our bedroom, and the slide out way to the left is Briar’s room. Also, take a look at Bri in the patio doors. 🙂
When you walk into the patio doors, you enter the entry/kitchen/dining/living/TOY ROOM.IMG_9978
Briar’s fold up high chair works great for the camper!IMG_9976
My counter space leaves much to be desired but there are covers for the each side of the sink that help too.IMG_9972
So this is Briar’s room and “The Cage“, looking in from right by the couch. Before we left, I had Blake tear out the “storage” that was underneath the bed and that has been a life saver. Babies need lots of things, so it has been great being able to store supplies under there. Also, it’s normal to have an obscene amount of drinks in a kid’s room, right?!IMG_9973
Standing by the bed, this is what the opposite wall. We took out the previously so we could have a freezer. We also tore out one of the benches so I could fit this mini dresser for MORE of Bri’s things. And in true fashion, I repurposed the top of the freezer for a changing table. Keepin’ it classy!IMG_9979
Looking out of Bri’s room…living area, bathroom, then our bedroom.IMG_9984
Closer view.IMG_9982
Praise the LORD! So thankful to have a washer and dryer right in the camper with us. 🙂IMG_9983
Oh, you don’t leave Dreft on your toilet seat? Briar has the tendency to like to “splash.” After the first incident, we started putting detergent on top of it so she can’t get it. Gross.IMG_9980
Our cozy room and a canvas of the cutest feet I ever did see.IMG_9981
Bed, office area, storage.

So, that’s our humble abode. As time gets closer, I am more anxious for having more space. I am excited to see how Briar will react to roaming around our house. Literally in our living room alone, there is more open space than everywhere combined in the camper.

One thing about living in a camper is that it truly makes you aware of all the things YOU DON’T NEED. And while living in a camper, less is more. I am getting terribly sick of the clothes I brought with. Granted, I brought very few decent shirts and a lot of t-shirts/workout gear. Regardless, I am excited for more options. Cooking wise, I do a lot of cooking in the summer. I have limited cupboard space and yet am able to cook large meals. I am not sure what I am doing with all the things I leave at home.

Blake just got in and said we should finish Monday. Monday. MONDAY! That’s only two days away. Before I know it, we will be packing up the house to move to the camper again. I may be slightly getting ahead of myself but one thing is for sure, time marches on.

Just wanted to let you know that Briar’s eye is looking a million times better. She hardly even was rubbing on it today and it didn’t seem to bother her too bad, except when I was putting in the drops, of course. Also, she no longer has one tooth. She has two now on the bottom and you can see the whites of the top teeth breaking through. Maybe that’s why she has been a bit of a doozy lately and my camper hasn’t exactly been that clean.

Until next time…


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