lesson learned: don’t fight sleep

Don’t fight sleep. I’m talking to you, Briar Mae! When you fight sleep, this happens.

So this probably won’t always happen when you fight taking naps but this is what happened today.

Around 11 am, Briar was fighting taking a nap and started rubbing her eyes pretty fiercely, which fighting nap time and rubbing her eyes are pretty regular items on her agenda. This time, she scratched her eye ball. Lunch was pretty unpleasant and we kept her in the car because it was too bright outside. She took a really good nap after lunch but when she woke up, her eye still looked really red, puffy, and sore. And it is Labor Day weekend.

I called the clinic in town but couldn’t get her in to be seen. After a little internal debate, Leigh and I took her over to Glendive to after hours. We sat in the waiting room for quite a while but she was finally seen. They couldn’t see any abrasions or ulcers but she was patched up, got an antibiotic, and is supposed to wear socks on her hands for 24 hours. If things are looking bad tomorrow, I’m supposed to take her to the Emergency Department.

On the way home, she ripped off her patch. She screamed her head off while getting her drops. And then she got the socks off her arms. Striking out.

Blake just got home and is rocking her to sleep. I needed a break but my twenty minutes are up, so I should probably go be a mom again.

One last thing, we decided to grab supper drive thru style. Tip of the day: don’t go to Taco John’s in Glendive, MT, it was not good at all. Woof!

Over & out.


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