it really makes a girl mad when…

Ugh! It really makes a girl mad when you take your camera somewhere, take a few snapshots, then when you go to view them you finally realize you forgot your card in your computer. Dang! On a positive note, nothing super special was going on. Plus, a phone’s photo quality is definitely better than pictures of the 80s so really, it’s fine.

The pictures I thought I had taken were of Little Miss Briar crawling around on the cement during lunch time. The cement was right outside a shop and surrounded by gravel so naturally, there were little rocks that on the cement and it looked like it was hurting her poor little knees. We let her keep going though, figuring if she knows how to scream loud enough at midnight, 1 am, and 4 am last night to summon me to her room, she would also know how to get her point across that this activity hurt. Or just stop doing it. Then again, I hope she learns to stop throwing her head against mine because that also really hurts but thus far, NO such luck. One thing I did not let happen was letting her put the rocks in her mouth, which she kept trying to do.

So, here are some pics I took on my phone after realizing I didn’t have the card in my camera…

It’s auntie Kate, Bri Bri, & a set of super tan legs.

You can see how dirty those little knees were getting / scuffed up.

Oops! Someone got their finger under dad’s boot, now that really makes a girl mad…

Little scooter just keeps getting a little more TOO brave. I’m trying to avoid any catastrophes while I write this.

So, yeah, enough about my child. For the moment anyway, we all know she will be an ongoing discussion topic of mine for the rest of my life. Let’s talk about cutting wheat. Sit down. Wait, I’m sure you’re doing that. So, cross your fingers because I don’t want to jinx myself here but I don’t think anything has broken down in the past week. Considering we run new equipment, this should be the rule and not the exception but given how things have gone this summer, having equipment that runs is exciting!

They have cut some good acres these past couple of days. I would share the acre total but Blake forgot to look so he wasn’t sure. I think he said they cut over 400 on Tuesday though. Raise the roof! That’s a really great day with only two machines.

Last night, Bruce had called warning Leigh that the weather may get severe in Circle. We watched it but were having a hard time pulling much information up on the Internet. It started looking pretty crappy to the west so we headed over to Cloey’s to see if they had anything on the local channels. We are parked right next to Cloey’s house and she is such a sweet lady. They hadn’t put much up but we sat over there for a bit. (Bri babes loves the space over there and loves to get plenty of exercise in when we go to visit.) After a while, Bruce called again saying they were on their way home do we make our way back to the campers.

Shortly after getting back, the wind picked up and things were shaking like crazy. The guys were taking forever to get back. Finally, they pulled in and Blake was a little more excited than he usually is around 11 pm. While they were driving in, they ran into torrential rains and apparently forded a mini river that came out of nowhere. They had to pull over and Blake swears in rained around five inches in no time. Blake wanted to check the radar to see if it looked like the field was going to get hit or not, which it looked okay surprisingly. While we were looking at it, you can see this tiny blob of purple that they had intersected with when they got dumped on.

This morning, we found out the radar was accurate and the fields they are currently cutting only got sprinkled on so they thought it should go after lunch. They had gone out earlier to do some servicing on the combines, which is different – and better – than repairing. No sarcasm intended. I tried calling Blake a bit ago and he didn’t have service but hoping things are going well out there today.

I finally got this peanut down for a nap. Patting myself on the back.

Okay, paperwork is calling. Boo! Hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday!


And if you’re my parents and are reading this, have you gotten a baby gate yet? You’re taking this munchkin for a few days when we get home so get one; this mama needs a short break! 🙂


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