We have had quite the visitors this summer. I mean SO MANY!

-my mom and dad in Chappell
-my sister Tess in Chappell
-Blake’s sisters Laura & Kate in Chadron
-Blake’s grandparents in Chadron
-Blake’s grandparents in Circle (they did a fun trip to Cody, WY so they saw us on the way out and on the way back. On their way back, they picked up our hired guy Ben so he could get back to Ohio for college)
-Blake’s sister Anna and her husband Jake in Circle
-my parents in Circle
-my brother Paul and his wife Amber and their baby in Circle (TWO babies in the camper…woohoo!)
-Kate (Blake’s sis) back to Circle to help combine for a while

Seriously, so much company and it has been great! When we get to the last stop, I am starting to get anxious to get home and reconnect with loved ones. Well, we pretty much reconnected with most of our immediate families this past month. Per usual, I did not get nearly as many pictures as I should have gotten. It’s bad but Blake’s sister Anna does photography (she’s great – check Studio W out!) so she basically takes all the pictures anyone would ever need so I basically don’t take any pictures when she is around. Something to work on! The pictures I did get of the company  we had basically consists of two little cuties. And no! I am not one of them. (Jokes!)

My parents, Briar, and I went to Williston to visit Nina and Kermit. They took us around the ever changing city with all the oil. You can read about last year’s visit that Blake and I made here.IMG_9916
I snapped these pictures quick and didn’t realize until we were gone how blurry this one is…you get the point though. We had a great visit with these two love birds. They were married 70 years this past March. Forget celebrities, these two are the type of people we should focus on for role models. Nina is my great aunt (my mom’s mom’s sister) in case you were wondering how we know them.
About a week later, Paul, Amber, and little Jimi came to visit! Amber is working on her multiple children skills here. IMG_9924
Paul’s turn to wrestle the munchkins!
Briar had to hold Jimi’s hands and she also liked to give her lots of “kisses.” Our baby loves to give out smooches.IMG_9931
Oh hey, Bigfoot Briar.
Seriously LOVE these two!
Oh just hanging out.
The angle of this photo is a little deceiving. Though Briar is definitely taller and bigger than Jimi, she is also standing more forward making her look like a mini-giant. These are two healthy, beautiful little girls right here! We are soooo lucky!

Though Blake and I have a number of things in common, we also share in coming from large families. My mom is one of nine, his mom is one of 10. My dad is one of six and there are three boys in Blake’s dad’s family. We are used to the chaos and the wonderfulness of having family around. In fact, Blake “met the family” at one of my cousin’s weddings, as in the WHOLE family at the same time he was just getting to know my immediate family. I am sooo thankful that Briar and our future kidlets will have the same cousin chaos that we both had growing up. I have many special relationships with many of my cousins and hope know Briar and Jimi will be forever friends. Equally exciting, Blake’s sister Laura and her husband Nash are expecting a little blessing in December…boy or girl, I am sure Briar and NJ (as in Nash Junior -ha!) will also have a special bond.

We definitely have enjoyed having company and are also looking forward to being able to see them all again soon. Just another week or two and we will be HOME SWEET HOME!


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