the heat is on

The heat is on, literally and figuratively. The literally part:

This heat should make any remaining green wheat ripen up in no time.

Besides the literal heat, the push is on to finish Wheat Harvest 2013. It’s time to be HOME. Not camper home but house HOME, South Dakota HOME, family and friends HOME. Please tell me someone out there misses us like I am missing on you!

So, with that, I have some pretty good news. We are done south of Circle (for the remaining acres that survived the hail around Brockway). We got moved up to the first field that is north of town on Cow Creek (the road names are great up here, no 425th Aves around these parts). Getting moved up there is quite a task, since the fields near Brockway are close to 20 miles south of Circle and the field on Cow Creek is around 20 north. Though they got rained on yesterday that halted progress, they are cruising good today and should have that 750 acre field finished sometime tomorrow. Once that is complete, they’ll make the trek back to the Vida area and will have around 2200 (give or take) acres left.

Eek! This makes excited as we are getting closer to finishing. Because I can’t get too ahead of myself, I’m thinking it will be two weeks until we are reunited with our people, our house, and our state. However, two weeks is easy peasy, especially when compared to the 12 weeks (as of yesterday) that we’ve been gone.

Well that’s pretty much it, we’re making steady progress, things aren’t breaking down (I did overhear that the fuel gage in one of the combines doesn’t work which I think is pretty crazy but at least we’re still cutting!), and we should be heading South and East soon. Basically, this post is all positive for once which is a near miracle in itself. I’m going to end with some pictures. We will soon be cutting some beautiful wheat so I’ll get some pictures of that then. For now, I just have pictures of a beautiful baby to share!

We had a few days off and were able to enjoy the PRCA rodeo that came to town. Lots of “Whoas” out of this one.

I need to order a bigger car seat. She technically still fits but time for a new one!

Bath time is FUN!

I had a camelbak that Bri loves so my mom got her one. Just her size and the water doesn’t come out as fast either.

Playing in the wheat field again!

In case anyone was thinking about trying Bri’s signature look, consider this a public service announcement that pulling it off is not easy!


4 responses to “the heat is on

  1. Ah these pictures are sooooooo cute! Can’t believe how big she is getting. Cuter and cuter with every post 🙂 looking forward to seeing you guys soon!!!!!

  2. Love the bath picture Darcie! Looks like you are having the same type of weather as us…HOT..They let school out at 1:00 today and thinking it will be that way all week. The kids left @ 5:45 this morning so Mikayla could run for XC.
    We leave for the Fair Wed. night…It is gonna be SSOO hot there! Will need alot of cold beverages to keep us hydrated. Looking forward to seeing the 3 of you soon. Keep posting the pics and happy to hear things are going better for you!

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