combining in chadron

Combining in Chadron went okay. We got hailed out of about 500 acres west of town and then picked up 160 acres by town and 300 acres over by Gordon (about 50 miles east of town) so at least we weren’t down majorly there. Blake and I moved to Montana Friday, August 2nd and Bruce and Leigh got up to Montana early Tuesday, August 6th.We had 60 acres we were waiting on and Bruce and Leigh were there with Al and Lloyd. Ben came up to Montana with Blake and I. While we were in Chadron, we had a few visitors. Laura and Katie (two of Blake’s sisters) came up July 25th-28th. Then towards the end of our stay there, Lee and Judy stopped in for two nights on their way to Cody, WY for a little vacation. It seems like we have had frequent visitors this year and it’s always good to see family from home.

Chadron is one of the more scenic stops on our harvest journey. Being just south of the Black Hills, it has more of a rugged landscape. Besides being scenic, it’s also a pretty nice stop to make with all the amenities right in town and a good place to have visitors since we are so close to home!

Leigh and Laura at supper one night. I was not discriminating against Katie – she didn’t want to be in the picture since she had just had her wisdom teeth out.

IMG_9855 IMG_9846 IMG_9866

Three combines! We had the dealership bring out our other combine for us. Unfortunately, its run did not last long as it had problems and got left behind in Chadron. More on that later. Thanks to Katie for helping drive for a bit!

This grasshopper was grossly huge, probably double the regular sized ones.


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