kitty cat, kitty cat

This is a post that kind of got lost in the transition from Chappell to Chadron. We had gone to show Briar some kitties and then shortly later, we had decided to head to Chadron the next day. Then the TOOTH came in (I can see white now!) and these were almost forgotten about.

I hate dislike am not as fond of cats as I am dogs. Briar likes them though so when the opportunity to go see some kitties came up, we decided to take her. We got plenty of “oh” faces and tons of “Whoas!” It was pretty fun. I will say these are pretty cute…for cats at least.

IMG_9766 IMG_9767 IMG_9773 IMG_9782
When we got back to the campground, grandpa let Briar “drive”. She really thought she was a big shot moving the steering wheel. I just think she looks TOO DARN OLD!


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