briar’s first combine ride

I know what you’re thinking…it took two months for Briar to get a ride in the combine. YEP. Judge me. Now, let me explain.

One thing about combining is there is going to be many other opportunities to ride in the combine. We actually were going to ride one day in Sentinel and then the concave guys showed up. I am not going to say, “Oh sorry, you’re doing experimental research but my six month old needs to get in there now. A lot of the fields near Sentinel were quite a ways from town and between lunch and supper and trying to keep her on somewhat of a schedule, it just didn’t happen.

Ponca City: NOPE. The fields were 30 miles away except for one that wasn’t far at all the last day they combined there. The farmer decided last minute that we would cut that field for him and we needed to go get some essentials before we got to Manter.

Oh Manter. Please get some rain. Besides the fact that a lot of fields are quite a jaunt and the biting flies were TERRIBLE, I didn’t want to watch seven bushel wheat get cut. Selfish, sure. But at least I am honest.

No combining in Tribune this year. šŸ˜¦

Chappell: We hauled ONE meal in two weeks and it was 35 miles away. And we didn’t have spare vehicles due to the pickup’s transmission problems.

And then we were cutting in Gordon, which is 50 miles from Chadron. We had packed sandwiches for the guys for supper so Briar and I hopped in the combine with Blake for a while. Lots of excitement while the machine was going but when she saw the controls, that’s when she went berserk! She wanted to be hitting buttons left and right. It took a little bit, but I did get a picture of the two together.

We were cutting some irrigated wheat with heavy straw. I thought Briar wouldn’t like sitting in the straw but she loved it!IMG_9803
Loved the straw on her toes!

Checking things over to make sure dad was cutting okay. šŸ˜‰

Trying to process it all!

“Mom, are you seeing this?!”

“Fine, I’ll take the picture so I can get to the good stuff.”

“I just want to touch it all!”


4 responses to “briar’s first combine ride

  1. Favorite Post of the summer šŸ™‚ Love your little family. Have a great day.

  2. I am sure she will have more opportunities to ride with dad!! Cute pictures…won’t be long and she will be dads combine driver:).

  3. Anna Weinstein

    That’a girl Bri!

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