briar mae has a tooth…and we moved

I was going to blog Monday night. I swear. We finished up in Chappell and had gotten some things loaded. We thought the guys would take the first load Tuesday and the women and the child would go on trip #2 on Wednesday. Around 9:30 pm, we decided we would take a combine and the grain cart Tuesday and then Blake and I and the guys would stay up there. Bruce would come back, Bruce and Leigh would settle up, and then join us Wednesday (today).

My camper is not always super clean. It’s not usually a total disaster but with an active eighth month old, there’s only so much energy I choose to put into keeping a small space very organized. So, finding out I was leaving the next morning = eek! We persevered and got going at a pretty good time Tuesday morning. For the first time this summer, I had to drive with Briar riding in the back. She travelled amazingly! The trip is around three hours with moving equipment and she slept almost the whole time, waking up with about 25 minutes to go. She made her voice heard around 6 miles to go so not bad.

After we set up however, oofta! She was into everything and had thrown so many tantrums that by about four in the afternoon, my head was pounding. We went for a walk and that seemed to help her calm down some. The guys were cutting just north of town so we ran supper out. On the way out, I was thinking that we would ride in the combine with Blake but shortly later found out that Blake was driving truck, since we were only running one combine. Dang!

Last night, we had a visitor! Jake, our brother-in-law, had come out to drop off a grain trailer for the guys. Thanks, Jake! Blake got home and they had finished the 100 acre piece they were doing. They just had a couple trucks to dump this morning.

Today, they moved and cut in Gordon. I had made some lunch do sent that out with Bruce as the field is about 50 miles from here. Quite the hall! They got about 190 acres cut so they should be able to finish up the remaining 110 acres and then move to our final customer here.

While we were hanging out over at Leigh’s tonight, Briar had started gnawing on my finger. She does this quite frequently so when there was something sharp, it definitely surprised me…Bria has a tooth! I was wondering if she was ever going to get one in since she first started showing signs of teething about six months ago. You can’t see it yet but it is definitely there.

With getting a tooth, I guess I’ll give her a pass for the tantrums but if this is what the terrible twos are like, Lord help me…and I really need to invest some good ear plugs.


4 responses to “briar mae has a tooth…and we moved

  1. You didn’t mention the pickup transmission problem, dear. Did they loan you another truck while you’re waiting for Dodge to make a replacement tranny? I swear, for someone who invests so much into having late model, dependable equipment, Blake seems to have awful luck.

    • The pickup is still there – today will be the 17th day. Apparently, there is a transmission on its way (that’s what they told us yesterday). We still have a cargo trailer in Chappell because someone needed to run back down but we are hopeful the pickup will also be done so we can make one additional trips instead of two. This is getting frustrating. Bruce & Leigh have been great about letting us use a vehicle whenever but it’s weird not having your own wheels.

      We did not purchase a service warranty so no vehicle loaned. Even if we had purchased it, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get loaned a similar vehicle so we could have purchased it and gotten a puny little car. Hoping we’ll find out more today! And YEAH, I’m noticing a trend on investing in new equipment and I don’t like it much!

  2. Teething babies make me remember my boys loving ice pops, but we rarely cut them open. Benjamin was older than Brian Mae, but ferocious chewing before,those teeth came through. Frozen washcloths, too, tied in a knot, soaked and frozen. One down, about 10 more to go by Halloween !

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