briar loves her daddy

Yesterday, the guys went out to cut after lunch. Since the wheat was still a little too wet, they came back in, hung out for a while, ate supper, and headed out. (Luckily it did go after supper last night!) Briar got to hang with dad for a little bit and the two of them had a great time, per usual. There aren’t many jobs where you get to spend this much time with your kid and for that, we are grateful!

She has a wide range of facial expressions.

Giving daddy kisses!

Happy bugs.

Playing peek – Briar was running the show.

Blake popped his head at the same time she did and the giggles came to follow!

I put Bri in her cage because I wanted her to take a nap. When I didn’t hear anything I thought she was sleeping. This is what I saw.

The little munchkin was hiding behind the curtain playing with the sun blocker.

Always into something these days!

I came into do a blog post right after I put Briar down but our internet wasn’t working. Blake came to my rescue when he got home and it’s obviously up now. I’ll get an update on what’s been going on around here tomorrow. Hopefully there will continue to be some moving and shaking!


3 responses to “briar loves her daddy

  1. Loved these pictures! So funny she was playing with the shade 🙂 looking cuter everyday! I will try to call you this week to catch up! Have a good Sunday!

  2. Anna Weinstein

    HAHA! Love the picture of her and Blake, little love! Miss you guys!

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