the weekend update

I need to get better about spacing out my blog posts but I had good reason for my lapse this time: my parents visited us! They got here Thursday evening, shortly after the cage was built. We didn’t do too much but it was nice to have them visit and for them to see Briar. I know they were happy to see Blake and I too but we’re not exactly changing at lightning speed like she is. When we are home in South Dakota, Briar and I see my parents literally every ten days to two weeks. One major perk of me not working is being able to hop in the car and head to visit my parents on a Thursday and come back home Saturday morning, especially when Blake is working a lot.

We didn’t do much while they were here, which was fine but I should have been a little better of a host. It’s just hard when this isn’t my territory, Briar’s cooperation level isn’t always guaranteed, and I don’t have her stroller currently. I think I told you how Blake had taken his pickup over to Ogallala because his transmission wasn’t shifting into 5th or 6th gear on the way up here from Manter. Well, the stroller was in the back of the pickup so it’s located at the shop. He had taken it in last Tuesday and as of today, we still don’t have the pickup back. If I would have known it was going to be this long of a wait, I would have ran over and grabbed it. I just keep thinking another day and at this point, it has to be coming soon. Annoying.

Speaking of annoying things, let’s talk about our grain cart except I have good news this time! We settled on a figure with Unverferth (for renting the other grain cart, breaking the hitch, lost acres, etc.) and so I can gladly say the grain cart situation should be a closed chapter. It may have taken a month longer than what it should have but it should be resolved so that’s positive.

We have been here a week and we have cut zero acres, except to do moisture checks. When they went out yesterday afternoon, it was around 16.5. It rained last night and when Bruce checked it, it was sitting at 21.5. Ugh. We haven’t cut since the morning of the Fourth so it’s time to get going.

Like I said, we didn’t do too much while my parents were here but I have some pictures to share.

Nap time!

Laughing at grandpa!

Cuddling with grandma.

Briar fell asleep so my mom and I painted her fingers and toes, which I then painted mine matching colors.

We ran over to Sidney one day and looked around Cabela’s.

Bri was busy entertaining the rest of us!

Saturday morning, Briar was working on her blocks position – wanting to be like her Auntie Tess!


One response to “the weekend update

  1. Ron & Pat Rockstad / Christensen/

    Sorry I didn’t,t get to see you when you were in Mt, call when you are here next year and we will try to see you

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