eight months

Can you believe it? Little miss Briar Mae turned eight months old yesterday! Since Blake wasn’t combining yet and they didn’t have too much to do, I wanted to take her over to Cabela’s so she could see the geese. We walked around the store and then did some other errands around town. I think she had a pretty good day!IMG_9631

We were planning on leaving right away in the morning but it kept raining on us. We still got going at a pretty decent time.IMG_9633

Grandpa comes over and takes Briar some mornings. She and grandma are checking out the rain.


She had taken a nap on the way over there so was a little confused as to what was going on.


Looking at the geese.


Then I got the bad idea of feeding them and they were chasing after me. Oops!


Our happy, healthy girl!


Who is this girl? Briar is changing all the time.


Nap time!


Last night she was getting a little crabby from only taking short naps yesterday. We took her outside and per usual, she got in a better mood, almost instantly. I’m glad we went out or we would have missed this beauty.


One response to “eight months

  1. Great pics Darcie. Bri is getting so big and changing so much! The one sleeping in her car seat reminds me of you!

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