hello, nebraska

Hello, Nebraska! In terms of home, Nebraska makes me feel like so close but still so far away. Being in the SW corner, we are still about 7 hours from our house. Nonetheless, we are continuing to be making our way north.

The move to Nebraska started yesterday morning, bright and early. Blake got up before me but I was up at 6:30, showered quickly, got myself and Briar ready, packed her bag for the trip, did a few last minute things in the camper, got Bri all buckled in, and was sitting in the pickup ready to go before 7:15. Briar army crawled all over the camper chasing me from one end to the next. Overall, she does a really good job keeping herself entertained so that’s really helpful. Moving days, Briar eating solids gets completely thrown out the window. Bad parenting, maybe. Blake had to do some final duties so I started feeding Bri and we were leaving Manter by 7:30 am.

We made a quick stop in Tribune to see Gilbert, our main farmer, there. Gilbert’s wheat got hit by the late frost and got zeroed out at the beginning of May so we knew we wouldn’t be making the stop for quite some time. We had to stop to show him the star of the show and visit a bit. We didn’t stay too long as the temperature was supposed to be reaching 100 degrees and the earlier we arrived in town, the better it would be for setting up. Luckily, we had no problems traveling and Briar traveled maybe even better than normal, if that’s possible. Towards the last 60-70 miles, I crawled back there and we were played the rest of the way to Chappell. Setting up went well and it seemed to get done fairly quickly. Briar was tuckered out even though she got in some good napping on the way. Since she was fighting to fall asleep, I laid down with her and before too long, we both were getting in a good snooze. When I woke up, I went out to the living room where Blake had been napping. Briar was a little turkey the night before – okay, she was pretty much awful so it was good all three of us got some rest. Everyone else had gone to eat without us so when they got back, we left Bri with grandpa and grandma and went up to eat sans baby. You forget how quiet it is when there isn’t a small noisemaker around. 🙂

This morning was more of the same, doing things around the camper, taking care of Bri, doing some cooking. The guys unloaded the tractor and grain cart this morning and did a few other things. We park the machinery at the fair grounds so it’s close to town. After lunch, Blake headed to Ogallala to take in his pickup because the transmission was acting up. We had taken it in to get checked right before we left from the dealership so it’s frustrating when things like this happen. I am thankful he took it in today while there is some down time because they couldn’t find what was wrong with it so at least they should have some time to fix it. Shortly after they got back, it was time to eat again. We then hung out for awhile and I decided we needed to do something. It was still around 95 degrees so not exactly a lot to do when it’s that warm with a baby. We ended up going over to Bruce and Leigh’s to play Sequence. It may not be the most exciting thing but at least it is better than watching tv all night.

I am really excited about tomorrow, however. My favorite girl turns EIGHT MONTHS OLD! What the heck?! Since Blake won’t be combining, we are going to take her over to Sidney and will feed the ducks with her. The original Cabela’s started in Sidney so they have a pond right by the building. I am sure we’ll have to check out what else they have inside the building too. Bri is getting all rested up for the big day so I best be doing the same!

Also, please note that this was two posts in the same day… Haha.

IMG_9627Yesterday after getting settled, these two were just hanging out. Bri’s getting too big! Blake is not… 🙂


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