it’s a grain cart miracle!

Again, it has been a pretty busy couple days around here. I don’t know what my problem has been lately but I have been exhausted. Leigh took Briar this morning and I also got a nap with the little turkey this afternoon so I think I should be back to normal pretty soon.

Since it has been a couple days, I’ll start at the beginning of yesterday. Bruce wanted Leigh to email the president of Unverferth (the company that manufactures Brent grain carts). She couldn’t find the email address anywhere so she called the regular company number that is on their website. She asked for the email address and they told her that they aren’t supposed to give it out. She then asked for the president’s secretary. Somehow or another, they put her through to the president’s voicemail. I am sure she wasn’t quite prepared for that but basically gave a summary of what we have been experiencing and then just said that if need be, we would seek legal action.

Again, we took out lunch and then brought sandwich stuff with us for dinner. It’s about a half hour one way to the field and the guys have wanted to keep going if possible. We didn’t do much in the afternoon – a harvesting friend came over to visit and Leigh and I went to eat supper with her. Leigh came over around 8 pm and told me that she had talked to Bruce. Either the president actually got Leigh’s message or they heard about it from somewhere else (such as the dealerships we have been dealing with) because action was happening. Some guy who is higher up in Unverferth called Blake and talked to him for about 20 minutes about how sorry they were, it was their fault, the situation should have been handled differently, improvements they need to make to the company, etc. He said they were in meetings about it all morning and had gone to talk to other departments about it (such as customer service I am assuming). Also, this guy is flying to Kansas next week and whether we are here or at our next stop, he wants to come and apologize in person and talk about it. So, we are definitely making progress but they still need to pay a few bills before it is a done situation. [Side note: after further investigation, the guys saw that a cotter pin actually was what caused the wheel to come off. It was never put in – just wasn’t sure if I ever clarified that.]

Blake called right after Leigh left. He needed me to run up the PTO shaft. Although I was confused, I figured he knew what he needed so Leigh came over and watched Bri. I met Al about half way and then called Blake to find out what he had needed it for. Our grain cart had been delivered and they had put the PTO shaft in the back of Bruce’s pickup. The John Deere / Brent dealership in Clinton (OK) has been so helpful with this situation. Yesterday morning, they went down to Sentinel with one of their tractors and fixed the grain cart and loaded it. They then went back to the dealership to reload the grain cart on a trailer by itself. Then, they had one of their guys haul it up to us yesterday evening.

Then on to today…

There were a few mishaps and like with everything, accidents happen. It just has been quite a week and so we are hoping that things settle down here soon. This evening, the ground was too wet where they were cutting so they quit early. They have about 30 acres on the quarter they are on and then another 80 to do. The farmer wanted them to wait until Monday and it’s probably for the best. I think everyone could use a day off. And Briar could use a day with her dad. And maybe Briar’s mom could too.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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