blake’s first father’s day

Yesterday was a good day – it was Blake’s first father’s day and we finished our jobs in Sentinel. It would be preferred that we had more to cut here but you don’t want to sit and wait on 200 acres. They went to try it in the morning and with it being too wet, they came in for lunch. I found this recipe (at about 12:30 am when I couldn’t sleep Saturday night) for Scalloped Chicken. With the main ingredients being chicken and rice, it was practically gluten free. We aren’t big mushroom eaters so I left those out, added extra almonds, used gluten free flour, and topped with gluten free biscuits. It is just easier to make one dish. Overall, I think everyone liked it and it will be one that works its way back into the rotation.

We were planning on taking chili dogs out for supper but Bruce called and told us to pick up hamburgers from the Red Barn. Rain was in the forecast and the guys wanted to try to beat the storm. I had loaded the back of the Denali with the dessert, cups, tea, etc. I didn’t position it right and something hit the tea jug button the whole way out. The back of the vehicle was pretty wet. Everyone still had some tea to drink but oops! Lesson learned. We were down to about 70 acres when we got out there for supper. With just having two combines down here (and now sans grain cart), Bruce and Lloyd ate while Ben and Blake kept cutting and then when they were done, Blake and Ben came to eat and Bruce and Lloyd went to the combines. Typically, everyone shuts down and all eat together, but they really didn’t want to be sitting on such a small amount.

It sounded like the first system went around us. They were able to finish around 8:30 and get moved back into town. When they got back, Briar had presents waiting for them (which I will show later – after my dad gets his). We hung out for a bit and that was about it for the day.

Comparatively, it wasn’t a typical first father’s day for Blake but there isn’t really anything that typical about this lifestyle. With Briar seeing Blake more since we have been on the road, I can tell she is getting way more attached to him. Yesterday, Ben had gotten out of his combine and was walking towards us to eat. Ben and Blake both have dark hair, slender builds, and wear sunglasses. Ben was walking closer and Briar was getting more and more excited until he got close enough for her to realize that this isn’t the guy that she was wanting to see (no offense, Ben). Her arms that were up with excitement came to her side. Shortly later, Blake was coming toward us and this time, she wasn’t disappointed.


The last field in Sentinel!


Briar was being a big time weirdo and kept bending over…we weren’t sure what she was looking at.


She is starting to get long…


Daddy and Bri-baby checking out the combines.


Finishing up!


And she continued to do this…we think she may have been looking under the trailer.


Proud papa with his happy girl!


For the record, I totally saw Ben doing this while I took the photo.


3 responses to “blake’s first father’s day

  1. I don’t think you have to worry about your cooking choices and skills.Ben has been bragging from the start about the great food he has there.

  2. Anna Weinstein

    haha, those pictures crack me up!!

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