two weeks

We have been gone for two weeks already. In a way, it seems longer than that and yet, it has gone so fast. We have about 230 acres left in Sentinel and would have easily finished today but rain ruined that idea. This morning, the rain was coming down pretty good so Briar and I had a pretty lazy day. Leigh had made lunch so I just baked some buns, fed Bri, gave her a bath, and we played. This afternoon, after laundry and picking up around the camper, Briar and I got in a great nap – a two hour one at that. Blake got home shortly after we woke up and told me one of our friends wanted to go have supper.

I could see how having a baby on Harvest could be hard but it has been a pretty easy transition for us, minus the co-sleeping and not being on a schedule. I am thankful for my in-laws who are always more than willing to help us out. Whether I am wanting to get a few things done quickly, go for a run, or have dinner with a friend, they are always willing to watch Briar. So, Briar stayed at the campers and Blake and I had an evening out. We are just getting home, Blake’s rocking the little peanut, and then it’s time to hit the hay. We are hoping we will finish up here tomorrow!


Eating applesauce!


When the rain hit, she was interested what was making that noise. She was content watching it for quite a while.


Bath time!


She gets crabby toward the end of her bath sometimes, so we have to look at that cute baby in the mirror and life gets better. She freaks out when she sees any little kids.


Crawling towards dad!


Make up on and hair done while on harvest =never happens. I had to take advantage and get a picture with my favorite girl!


2 responses to “two weeks

  1. You girls look great! The Proutys are all enjoying your posts Darcie.

  2. Hey thanks Donna! Great to hear from you…glad you guys are enjoying. It’s going fast!

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