just one of those days

It’s just one of those days, folks.

I didn’t get the bed made. Briar only got two meals of solids. I forgot to get this one lady emailed. Oh, and the tire fell off of the grain cart. I repeat, the tire fell off the grain cart. The brand new, barely used, more-expensive-than-what-my-husband-probably-told-me grain cart.


The story.

Leigh and I were finishing up with some errands after lunch and were on our way back to the campers. We heard Al (the grain cart operator) say something along the lines of “I think I have a flat tire.” [insert a disgusted look on my face.] Then he follows up with, “I think the tire fell off.” [insert big eyes and my mouth dropping.] We sat in the car for a few minutes and it was confirmed, the tire indeed did fall off.

They had just finished a field and were moving on pavement to the next one. They turned on one of the side roads, pulled into the approach, and that’s where it happened. If we want to be positive about the situation, we are thankful it happened while the grain cart was empty, not on the pavement, and shortly past an approach. Al had just had a full load and went through some ditch so if it would have fallen off then, Blake thinks the whole thing would have tipped. So, as annoying as the situation is, things can always be worse.

So why did it happen? Well, it’s important to grease the wheel bearings – and this apparently was not done. Now, we are waiting on a whole new axle for that side of the grain cart. Blake had made various phone calls this afternoon and was told it would be two weeks. That did not go over very well and the person he was talking to said that they would figure something out. It will be interesting to see when this little issue will be fixed.

Again, if we want to see the glass half full, we can be thankful this happened at a time where the grain cart isn’t as vital. When yields are high, the grain cart makes a major difference in keeping everything moving. Although it is still helpful, it isn’t as needed when yields are low. We are also almost done cutting here and I haven’t heard when the guys were hoping to get moved to Manter, which means the wheat isn’t probably ready to cut there yet.

That being said, this still shouldn’t happen and it’s still annoying.

I know something that isn’t annoying though…













2 responses to “just one of those days

  1. Anna Weinstein

    The picture of Bri looking down Blake’s shirt, is HILARIOUS!

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