i have a mobile child?

I have a mobile child.

I have very mixed emotions about this sentence. As of late last night, I think we can officially say Briar is on the move. It’s an army crawl and she doesn’t have the “get up on all fours” down but she can get from point A to point B pretty easily and the rest is just a matter of time. I’m confused. How have we gone from having a newborn to this already? Time has gone way too fast. I’m kind of sad. I know this is just the beginning of her needing me less and less. I’m nervously excited. I am just not sure I am ready for this! Overall though, I’m happy! What’s not to be happy about / thankful for having a healthy, determined child?

The story.

Briar had a bottle and fell asleep a little after nine. All hopes of her being down for the night went out the window shortly after Blake got home and was done showering. It was about 11 pm. After feeding her again, I thought she might go back to sleep. I was wrong. She got done eating and perked up like she does after a good nap. Realizing this wasn’t going to go the way I wanted it to, I stopped trying to smother her. (Smother is the term I use when I cuddle her all cozy but tight enough that she can’t move very much, finally gives up, and falls asleep. I just got the idea to change the term to a Mother Smother – do you like it?) After she played for a while, I wanted to get ready for bed. I put her down in our room while I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Here is the progression…


I thought we were done with the pacifier but nope! This traveling thing has made me revert to our old ways.


Why would she want the paci when it’s time to party?


New floor surface.


Who me?


I’m so proud of myself!


Look at me go…


Camera is out, even if it is almost midnight, I need to pose.


Made it from her blankie to here…about five adult steps.

In case you were wondering, she got mother smothered in bed with us last night. I hate it. I wish she would sleep in her pack ‘n play but I just don’t think it must be that comfortable. She used to sleep from 10-5 or 6 when we were home so she has really regressed in the sleep department since we have been in the camper. I know as parents, we help shape the monsters we end up dealing with. This fall probably won’t be very much fun getting her back in a routine, sleeping in her own bed, and getting rid of the pacifier for good. But failing at things as I am now, I can honestly say I don’t know if I care. The way I see it, we have two different options: dealing with a little monster this fall or dealing with a big sleep deprived monster this summer – which would be me, of course. Neither option seems ideal, but we are choosing to deal with things this fall – at least then our house is a little more sound proof, we can shut the door, and pretend that she’s not screaming her head off. Or something.


If bed head is an indication of how Briar thought the night went, best night ever!


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