cookin’ in the camper

I am not the cleanest cook. AT ALL. In fact, Blake raises his eyebrows at times when I’m in my full size kitchen. There is something about cooking full meals in a camper though that you just don’t understand until you do it. I have a recipe of my mom’s that the guys on Harvest always love. It’s a total dude meal with hamburger, onion, corn, egg noodles, plus cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, and sour cream. Top that with buttered bread crumbs and voila! I know the guys like this casserole but with the different ingredients, it makes a mess. Want to see?


I usually have my clean dishes put away but other than that this is sometimes how it looks.
Paper sack-today’s groceries.
Pans on the floor-I store them in my oven.
Cereal boxes on my couch-I store them in my microwave.
Red pan-I was going to use that to put the casserole in.


It’s a little overwhelming.



The good news is that as fast as a camper can get turned upside down, it can also be put back together pretty quickly. The previous pictures were taken around 11 am. At 11:35, I was pleased with my progress: casserole baking, baby fed, dishes done.


A little better!


Briar is wondering when I’m going to get her out of there…

I then had about ten minutes to get Briar cleaned up and changed before we were heading to the field. It was SO HOT today. With the temperature over 100, Briar wore a tank top onesie.


No, there is nothing wrong with Bri’s face, she was screaming when I put sunscreen on her so I just left it. More is better than less when it’s this hot!


This happy girl also turned seven months old today!IMG_9112

The hired guys and Leigh with out limited shade.


The pic is dark, but if you look close, you can see Blake talking to Bri.

The rest of the day was spent making a few different things (buns for Bruce, a crust for dessert tomorrow, etc.) and hanging out with the crew’s favorite girl. All three of the hired guys like to play with Briar and try to get her to smile at them, so that’s fun. And of course, between mom and dad and grandpa and grandma, the girl is not lacking attention. She was feeling a little warm on her forehead and chewing like crazy. I always think the teeth are going to debut but thus far, nothing. Obviously, there will be pictures when that day arrives.

Well it’s 10:40 and I haven’t heard from Blake. They headed for the field around eight or a little after. Right when they got out there, it was 13-something moisture. It’s nice to get in a full day of cutting. By the Retrop Cemetary, it was only yielding around ten but I heard 16-18 with the fields they were cutting today, so at least it’s improving? With the low yields, it won’t take many days like this to finish up here and move on to the next stop.

Hope your week started off great!


6 responses to “cookin’ in the camper

  1. Ben playing with Briar is a photo I am sure my wife would like. Her “baby” with your baby. It is a little different watching your child’s life from afar. Ben”s dad, Don

    • Hi Don,
      Nice to hear from you! I’ll be sure to try to get a picture of that. Just starting this parenthood gig, it will be quite a few years before we experience being away from our kids. That’s the primary reason I come along – so Blake doesn’t miss out on any stages with our babies. I’m sure the experience has mixed emotions but overall gratifying to see him as an independent adult. Thanks for following us!

      • Jim Clausen

        I’ve got fond memories of camper life. It’s funny, when you become an old timer, even things that you found totally unpleasant when you were getting through them somehow morph into something you enjoy reflecting back on.

      • What a good point! It’s funny how the days that go completely “wrong” stay so vivid in your memories. When I get frustrated with my limited counter space and there is crap everywhere, I’ll remind myself that I’ll have something to talk about in the nursing home. šŸ™‚

  2. Ben’s great-grandparents were serious Air-stream campers and travelers. I never understood why she took so many cardboard, fold up cutting boards, which were usually with her quilting gear. And trays….but the magic of cooking/ work space she created with them was amazing. A cutting board unfolded over a couple of chairs or laundry baskets…. and she was in business.whatever it is you are doing, Ben loves it, and I can see that he is not losing any weight ! Thanks for all you do to feed our boy !

    • Hi Maryann – nice to hear from you! It is amazing how fast I feel cooking when I get in a regular size kitchen. I did bring a fold up table that is tucked behind our couch in case I need it but between toys, a high chair, and a scooting baby, I’m not sure if I’ll have room to use it. Haha. Hope you’re having a great summer!

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